— First Test: white wall tires return —

A brand-new tire from a recently renamed tire brand, Vee Moto, with a standard round profile and a unique-colored sidewall stripe.


The rounded profile has equal-length, non-directional lugs that wrap an inch down each sidewall. At the edge of the tread, you can order your tire with a red, blue or white stripe. You can get the tire in all black, too.

Tires are the number-one bolt-on product for any UTV, no matter how you drive. Choosing the right tire for your terrain is very important, and now you can choose a tire that matches in the looks department, too.


The Mercenary has an 8-ply radial construction with 5/8-inch-tall tread and a DOT rating. This tire comes in 28s or 30s for 14- or 15-inch rims. All tires are 10 inches wide. The 30×10-14 tires weigh less than average at 33 pounds. Prices range from $187.95 to $205.95 each.


Anyone looking for a great neutral-feeling tire that works well in a variety of loose or soft conditions. It rolls smoothly on hardpack as well. Or, if you are more into looks, the wow factor, or just having a conversation starter, the colored sidewall stripes will do the job.


We ordered the tire with a white stripe to match the white graphics and doors on our RZR XP1000. The tires look better installed than we expected and do not stick out or look odd. For this car, it really added to the overall look.

On the dirt, we loved the hook-up traction and the super-predictable handling, and settled on 16 psi. It’s a couple pounds less than we typically run because the rubber compound seems harder than that of other tires we have used. The tires slide well and take the car where you point it. The character doesn’t change as the speeds increase as with some rounder tires. The tires turn well at high speeds and deflect rocks and bumps well.


This tire is wearing extremely slowly. Our testing was on fairly abrasive, loose fire roads that usually eat tires alive. At the end of this test, the edges of the Mercenary lugs hardly looked touched. For general trail riding on the East or West Coast, we think this tire will work great and outlast many of its competitors’ products. For dealer locations, call (404) 305-9394.


RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: Starting at $187.95 each



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