— Magellan teams up with Yamaha —

Magellan’s latest TRX7 7-inch, waterproof, tablet-based GPS device works in conjunction with all compatible 2019 Yamaha ATVs and SXS’. Not only can it show, track and give you the ability to share your next trail ride, the front and rear cameras will let you upload the experience to social media along the way.


Other than the millions of GPS functions that Magellan is known for, the unit will also record and display vehicle data and offers a timing mode that will capture lap times. The database includes over 150,000 legal OHV trails across the country. User-submitted trails can also be downloaded from the Adventure Pro website.

While on the trail, the Adventure Pro is great for marking points of interest or just making sure we don’t get lost. It took about two rides and a couple of hours browsing things at home on the couch to really get familiar with the system. Now we don’t go anywhere without it.


This is a 7-inch Android-based waterproof tablet that attaches to your ride with RAM mounts. The wiring is plug-and-play right into the Yamaha wiring loom. You can also power the unit using a 12-volt outlet or charge it at home using a 110-volt outlet. It can be used on non-Yamaha machines or just carried around with you on a hike or in your pick-up truck too.


This product is for Yamaha owners who want a quality GPS system built just for them or people who want to find, save and share rides using a dedicated unit that is more durable and much easier to use than a smartphone app.


As far as non-GPS features, the Adventure Pro can display gear position, vehicle speed, rpm, water temperature and volts. The one unique feature that the Adventure Pro has is timing mode. With this feature you can create a virtual course, whether it be a straight line, loop or anything in between. The unit will then store vehicle and GPS information when you take that route. Session history includes lap times, elevation and max speed.

Timing mode is one feature that Yamaha’s Adventure Pro has that no other GPS system or smartphone app offers. We have added it to our list of tools for testing all brands of machines and products.


We use smartphone apps all the time to find and track trails. This unit surpasses those by being able to download satellite images of the areas we ride and track vehicle data that only makes testing products like this easier.

CONTACT: www.yamahaadventurepro.com

RATING: ★★★★

PRICE: $749

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