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Aftermarket UTV windshields come in many styles, but none of them are quite like Yamaha’s accessory flip-up windshield made exclusively for the YXZ1000R. The windshield sells for $499.99 through your Yamaha dealer and at www.shopyamaha.com.

During the summer months or on warm days, you can flip the windshield up and out of the way. It sits parallel to the roof and can be trailered just fine.


It took under a half hour to install the windshield. The main pivot mounts use the roof mounting brackets and bolts, so there’s no drilling for the main install. You do have to drill two small holes in the plastic hood if you want to use the vent feature. If not, the windshield still works and can be flipped up out of the way when you don’t have a need for a windshield.

Install took about a half hour and uses the stock roof mounting locations. The only drilling that is required is for the two kick posts that allow you to “crack” the windshield slightly for a little flow.


We started testing the windshield last January and used it on some snow rides. At speed, it does its job by deflecting wind, snow and water perfectly. If we had a long stop, the windshield would collect snow, but a quick wipe with a glove would clear it. The windshield is made of scratch-resistant polycarbonate material. It has held up well to this type of cleaning and has not yellowed, even though the car has been stored outside for months.

The windshield hinges are mounted to the front two rod supports. The back two roof mounts now hold the stands to rest the bottom of the windshield on.


For years our biggest problem with full or even half windshields has been that there was no quick and easy way to remove the windshield and carry it in the car for the rest of the day. It’s not uncommon to start a ride in freezing temperatures and drive until it warms up to 80 degrees or higher and not want the windshield anymore. The aftermarket windshield options for the YXZ are fewer than, say, for a RZR, but that’s not an issue, because this is possibly the best UTV windshield we have ever used.

CONTACT: www.shopyamaha.com

RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $499.99



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