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Aside from racing suits and the dust suit Klim sells, there really isn’t any UTV-specific driving gear. For the most part, people just wear street clothes. We have found, even on a hot day, motorcycle jerseys work very well. Even on hot days they are not particularly warm and keep the sun off of you, especially the arm to the outside of the car.

You can customize all of the sections of the jersey, including adding a name and number to the back.


The first UTV-themed driving jersey from the maker of some of the best UTV accessories in the market. They come in sizes from adult small to 4XL.


There are four main styles to choose from. Using Assault’s True Designer Pro at, you can customize background colors, outlines and accents. Finally, you can have your name and number printed on the back.

Assault already has a huge line of aftermarket parts to make any UTV look and work better, now they have a product that does the same for the drivers.


All Assault jerseys are made of a polyester blend of material that wick sweat, breathe and dry quickly. They don’t hold dirt and wash up nicely. They definitely don’t shrink as quick as a cotton long-sleeve shirt does.


We are stoked to finally have a driving jersey that not only looks cool, it protects us from the sun during all-day drives in the desert. The customization with colors is a plus, and having our magazine name printed on the back is an added bonus. They fit great, and when you are wearing one walking around, because of the Assault name, people know you’re a driver and not just another guy wearing a dirt bike jersey.


RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $50

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