“Don’t follow me, you won’t make it” — That is the perfect bumper sticker for a UTV that has been properly set up for the mud. It’s a good feeling when you’re driving around in a machine that can go where others can’t. Not everyone rides their UTVs in the soggy bottoms, but if that is the normal terrain where you live, then you have to deal with it. Here’s a look at some UTVs that make it across marshland and mud holes with no problem.

Here’s a Yamaha Wolverine that has a good set of mud tires and a lift kit to gain some needed ground clearance.

This Honda Pioneer didn’t go too extreme with its lift kit. Just enough to handle deep ruts while still offering good handling in the dry.

With a larger set of mud tires this Yamaha YXZ1000R is able to get traction in the mud sections. It also has the horsepower to get going when the trail opens up on higher ground.

When you take your mud riding to extremes you wind up with a Polaris RZR like this. It doesn’t hurt if you make it look extra good with some custom work and paint here and there.

If your favorite color is red then here’s how you trick out your Polaris mud monster. Mounting up larger diameter wheels and tires aren’t just for show, they provide extra go.

Adding a graphic wrap to your UTV will certainly make it stand out from all the others. People give this Mud Shark plenty of space when it comes growling up to a mud hole.

The Can-Am Maverick is another popular machine that people like to trick out for the mud. The 1000cc V-twin motor provides a healthy amount of grunt to pull the bigger wheels and tires.

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