PRP Seats also has several bags that add storage options to most sport UTVs, including the Firewall bag and knee pads for the Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000. PRP came up with an innovative addition to the KRX with its Firewall bags, and PRP also ups KRX cabin comfort with its knee pads. The KRX has a very roomy cabin, but some complain about hitting their knees on the center console.

PRP Seats adds storage space to the Teryx KRX 1000 with its Firewall bags, which attach along the upper part of the rear firewall and provide a clean way to carry bulky items. They flip up to access the KRX air filter.


The Firewall bag pair fits behind both seats and attach to the firewall using stock K-Rex screw locations. They have large, zippered main compartments for stowing garments, plus mesh pockets on the outside for maps, gloves and such. The KRX knee pads have internal foam to cushion the blow when knees would otherwise hit the hard center console in rough terrain. Both pads attach to the center console using stock push-pins, integral J-clips and hook-and-loop strips with adhesive backing.


Both the Firewall bags and knee pads are constructed of water-resistant marine-grade vinyl that is puncture resistant, and both have zippered closure.


Any KRX 1000 owner looking for more secure storage space and cabin comfort will appreciate the PRP Firewall bags and knee pads.


The Firewall bags attach to the Firewall using stock screws and actually bend around to the sides and also attach below the upper seat-belt mounts. The main compartments are huge; we put a backpack camera bag behind the driver’s seat and had room left over for a pistol, belt and holster on the side (on an Arizona ride). We put a breaker bar and socket, spare CVT belt, and rain jacket in the other side and had plenty of room left for other light but bulky items. PRP doesn’t have a weight limit on the website, but too much weight could rip the mounts.

The knee pads also do their job very well. They keep the driver’s and passenger’s knees from smacking the console over bumpers. Being zippered, you can remove the pads or add more as needed, and they also act as a secret place to stash spare money or credit cards.


PRP’s Firewall bags add a huge amount of storage behind the seats of the Teryx KRX, and they keep the contents from getting dusty or muddy. They also don’t extend all the way to the floor, so you can carry a tool bag or other heavy items on the floor and keep them from being seen by passersby when parked. We subjected the bags to a heavy rainstorm, and some water got inside, as the zippers not being PRP’s best, rubberized, water-resistant ones. When it’s going to rain, run both zippers over to the outside of the bags to keep water out. The KRX knee pads also work exactly as intended without being obtrusive, but water gets to the foam. The zippers allow quicker drying. We like them.

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CONTACT:, (951) 894-5104

RATING: ★★★★

PRICE: Bags, $199.99 a pair; $49, knee pads

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