— Inside the Lucas Off-Road Racing Series Champ’s Yamaha —

Defending Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series (LOORRS) Pro Production 1000 UTV champion Brock Heger took three wins in the first four rounds of the 2019 season, and he was well on his way to a fourth win in Sparks, Nevada when he suffered a freak wheel failure. Rebounding, he again led the sixth-round 1000 main until the very last lap, where misfortune struck again and he limped home in eighth. The two devastating rounds took him out of a solid points lead and dropped him to second in points, 10 behind Robert Stout, with two rounds to go. We caught up with Heger and his YXZ-builder Jason Weller at the Battle South of the Border to find out what makes his Weller Racing Yamaha so dominant.

Heger’s suspension is surprisingly stock with only Weller Racing valving and springs on the stock Fox Podium RC2 shocks, but the entire YXZ1000R steering system has been upgraded for short-course battle.f


Normally, campaigning a YXZ1000R in KOH and short-course racing himself, Weller decided to shelve his racing career for 2019 so he could build and maintain Heger’s championship-defending YXZ and wife Corry’s Turbo-title-defending Maverick X3 (September 2019). Starting with a 2018 YXZ1000R, Jason fabricated the WR Edition Short-Course YXZ1000R Race Cage with aluminum roof ($3500) and moved the radiator to behind the cab. The WR Radiator and Relocate kit is $785 with brackets, and Weller switched to a larger fan for extra cooling. DragonFire’s “Shredder” front bumper ($189.99) and RacePace YXZ rear bumper ($219.99) are a must for close racing, as are the mounts Jason added for removable nerf bars.

Rules dictate that the engine be stock and sealed, and Brock’s YXZ has the permitted aftermarket exhaust, intake and ECU re-flash, all by Weller Racing. Shock covers are a must in LOORRS UTV racing.

The YXZ suspension arms remain stock, but Jason reworked the Fox Podium 2.5 RC2 shocks’ valving for short-course racing ($700) and installed the WR Short-Course Dual-Rate Spring kits ($700) and Schrader-valve reservoir upgrade ($130), front and rear. The Yamaha sway bars were replaced with Eibach bars ($396) with higher rates, and the stock linkages were replaced with WR links ($136/pair). The stock Bighorn tires and Yamaha wheels were replaced with grooved 27x10R15 Maxxis Ceros on Method 409 15×7 wheels ($160.02 each) for added side bite, and front-width rear tires help the car pivot.

Brakes are mostly stock with WR Edition braided-steel front and rear brake-line kits ($80.99 per pair) and a WR Edition Axle-Nut Retainer kit ($108.90 each) with APR wheel studs and nuts. The production retainers are black with WR logos.

Steering got a ton of attention. The OEM steering rack and tie rods were replaced with a  Weller Racing billet YXZ steering rack and WR heavy-duty tie rods ($1,099). The WR rack quickens steering with a 2:1 ratio, and the heavy-duty system also got the WR steering-rack support plate ($52.74) for extra insurance. Heger also uses Weller’s Pro Power Steering Upgrade kit ($1,485.29), which includes an EPS unit with double the assist of stock, a 4130 Chromoly steering shaft with Sweet Manufacturing race U-joints and EPS ECU. This kit requires rewiring, soldering and trimming the dash for the larger EPS motor.

Jason uses a new radiator and re-locater, which Weller Racing now sells for $785. WR also carries the High-Capacity Oil Tank by Jagged S Customs, which is constructed of .120-inch aluminum with internal baffles and CNC fittings. There are also several cooling and intake upgrades hidden from view.


Per Lucas Oil rules, Yamahas must weigh 1775 pounds with driver, and that weight must be solid. Weller added ballast to the build as low and as centralized as possible. Production 1000 UTV rules also only allow modifications to exhaust, intake and ECUs. Brock’s YXZ sports the WR Edition dual exhaust ($1,399) full system with 304 mandrel-bent tubing, O2 sensor, powder-coated mufflers, USFS spark arrestors, and slip-fit connectors with insulated springs. When you order this exhaust, Weller will throw in the ECU re-flash for only $100. Brock’s YXZ got the WR Short-Course re-flash ($399.99), and the exhaust with re-flash makes at least 15 more horsepower.

The WR Short-Course Race Cage has serious cross-bracing and intrusion bars, and Weller added the steel mesh to stop roosted rocks. The side nets are trick as well.

As for the intake, the OEM YXZ dual-filter setup was replaced with the WR Edition Short-Course Intake system ($695) with K&N oval filter, outerwear, a new intake assembly with back-anodized coating, mounting flange, and horsepower stacks, with an option of going with torque stacks ($55). To deal with the forces of jumping, the #1 YXZ also got heavy-duty intake boots ($119.95), an Upper Throttle-Body bracket ($50) and Lower Throttle-Body bracket kit ($35).

Weller removed the OEM doors and fabricated the replica door skins, driver’s windshield mesh and side mesh, and the required driver’s-side window net. The OEM seats were replaced with a Sparco Pro 2000 LS Racing Seat ($720) with Sparco side-seat mount ($75) and Impact Racing Five-Point Harness ($175). Rules also require a fire extinguisher mounted inside the cab, and Brock’s YXZ has a large rear-view mirror and trick padding on the interior cage tubes.

Brock Heger is in position to defend his 2018 LOORRS Production 1000 UTV Pro Championship in his Weller Racing YXZ1000R. He had three wins and a third in the first four mains and led most of the next two rounds before freaky racing mishaps.


In the engine compartment, Heger’s YXZ also got a heavy-duty head-stud kit ($179.99), a YXZ1000R High-Capacity Oil Tank by Jagged S Customs ($290) with 40-percent more capacity, a WR Air-Injection Block-Off Plate ($45.99), and WR Edition Dual-Oil Sensor Adapter kit ($82.68). The OEM battery was replaced with a Full-Throttle H-D AGM battery ($199.99) with weld-in mounting bracket ($181) that fits under the driver’s seat.

Bodywork hides the steering upgrades, so here is the Pro Power Steering Upgrade kit with 360-watt EPS unit, EPS ECU, and chromoly steering shaft with Sweet Manufacturing racing U-joints. This system is combined with the WR billet YXZ steering rack and WR heavy-duty tie-rod upgrades.

The rear firewall was cut for cooling vents for the rear radiator, and wire mesh was riveted over the vents. The OEM air intake over the center console was cut for more airflow as well. The OEM instrument panel was replaced by an AiM Sports MXS Strada digital dash, which monitors and allows downloads of lap times, track maps and engine vitals. Weller doesn’t list this on its website, but Summit Racing has the kit for $986.99.

Here is a beauty shot of the WR Edition Short-Course Intake, which isn’t recommended for dunes or desert. Hidden from view, WR also has heavy-duty intake boots that are resistant to harsh fuels, oils and jump landings.

There are many gauge and mount combinations on the Weller Racing site, including a coolant temp kit ($357.84), Yamaha Adventure Pro mount ($40), and several AEM digital gauges ($19.99-$194.26). There are also several WR coolant upgrades, such as the Thermostat Housings ($57.88–$105) and inline temp sensors ($35). Also, Heger’s YXZ got the WR Shock Covers ($72 per pair) for extra roost protection.

In all, these mods add up to a dominate package (aside from a couple of freak racing mishaps). With two rounds to go and up to five points awarded for qualifying and 51 points for a main-event win, Heger and the #1 Weller Racing YXZ are still in the hunt for the 2019 Production 1000 UTV title.


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