— Inside the Can-Am Race Team machines —

After five of eight rounds of the World Off-Road Championship Series (WORCS), Cody Miller leads Pro Turbo UTV defending champ Cody Bradbury by 14 points and brother Hunter Miller by 16 points. Cody has a win and three seconds in his Maxxis XPS Maverick X3 X rs Turbo R, while Bradbury won the second round and has three thirds. Each has had a bad round, while Hunter has two podiums, two fourths and a 16th. The Miller Brothers Racing WORCS X3s are almost identical, and here are the modifications they’ve made for short-course racing. Cody also won the short-course portion of the 2019 UTV World Championships in his XPS X3.


Both X3 X rs Turbo R builds are by S3 Powersports, with S3 fabricating the cages ($995), front and rear bumpers, nerf bars ($355-$475), tie-rods ($295), billet high-clearance radius rods ($295), high-clearance A-arms ($1,049) and weld-in gussets for the trailing arms ($119). Both Millers use Elka Stage 5 shocks (2.5 front, 3.0 rear, $4,799.98), and Double E Racing tunes the shocks and the Double E Racing rear torsion bars ($650).

The Hess steering quickener provides 2:1 faster steering, and the AiM MX provides lap times and monitors what the car is doing. Cody also has a horn button on the X3 console to assist passing.

Double E’s wheel scrapers keep rocks from fouling the brakes and wheels. Miller Bros Racing also uses Keller Performance Products ball joints ($533.95), and Hess claims they are the strongest ball joints on the market with 4340 construction and a hardened body and stem. Teixeira Tech is also working on X3 suspension arms for the Millers.

The Millers run HMF Racing Titan SS exhausts, Evo Powersports power-up kits, and Elka Stage 5 shocks tuned by Double E Racing (E2R). They also run E2R torsion bar links and their torsion bars set on the second-hardest position.

S3 also arms the Can-Am X3 with a front shock tower brace ($295), front bulkhead ($249), front gusset kit ($295)and weld-in chassis gusset kit ($225).

Cody Miller (122) has had only one finish off of the podium in the first five WORCS Pro Turbo UTV rounds, and his brother Hunter (190) sits only three points out of second. The two ran up front during the entire main at Peoria, Arizona, only to be bested on adjusted time at the finish.


Hess Motorsports’ X3 2:1 steering quickener ($650) went on both cars, and Hess also has an X3 1.5:1 steering quickener. Hess’ 6-bolt quick-release steering wheel hub is $80, and the Hess flat steering wheel is another $80. Hess also did the radiator relocate kit by CBR with three fans ($1150), the rear radius rod plate ($160), and seal protectors for the transmission and secondary clutch ($50) on both X3s.

S3 A-arms, front bumper, front bulkhead and gussets upgrade the Miller’s X3s for short-course, close-quarter racing. They also run DP brake pads and SSI Decals wraps.


Both X3 Turbo Rs have an Evolution Powersports ECU programming ($549–$1149) and HMF Racing Titan SS exhaust ($909.95) for holeshot power, and diagnostics are monitored by an AiM MX X3 UTV plug-and-play system. The AiM MX uses GPS and Glonass constellations to calculate lap times to 1/100ths of a second, and it monitors and displays belt temperature, oil temperature or oil pressure from the ECU. Data is also downloadable to your PC, all for $599. Hess also sells billet Can-Am X3 steering rack supports for $480. They eliminate steering slop and bump-steer.

A Sparco Pro 2000 seat ($800) provides a secure seating position with Impact harness, and Cody wears a Sparco Jade 3 suit ($299). Cody and Hunter remove the OEM Turbo access cover for more cooling and protect the turbo from roost with wire mesh.

Miller Bros Racing arms its X3s for battle with DWT Sector beadlock wheels, 28×9-14 Maxxis Bighorns and Tire Balls. Hess has #2101 Tire Ball kits for 25- to 32-inch by 9-inch tires for $250 per tire. Factory UTV arms slickens the X3s’ soft underbelly for $702.95. XPS fluids protect the engine and drivetrain, and Evans waterless coolant rides in the CBR radiators.

Cody has made the successful switch from GNCC UTV racing to WORCS and Best in the Desert after Racer Productions eliminated all UTV classes for 2018. Miller was GNCC XC1 UTV champion for 2016 and 2017 with four wins in those seasons.


Both the #122 and #190 X3s sport auxiliary safety fuel cells in the passenger-side floorboards and connected to upgraded OEM fuel tanks. Both X3 seats were removed, and the drivers’ seats were replaced by Sparco seats and Impact harnesses. WORCS rules also require a fire extinguisher; Hess has a 1-pound unit for $180 and a 2.5-pound unit for $225. The Millers wear Sparco fire suits and Impact helmets, and they upgrade to Antigravity batteries.

Hunter also protects his Hess radiator by CBR with chicken wire, and both boys run Rugged Radios fresh-air systems. The OEM X3 bed is removed for lightness, cooling and ease of maintenance.


Hess Motorsports

202 N. Mesquite St.

Muenster, TX 76252

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HMF Engineering

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Brookpark, OH 44142

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S3 Powersports

1918 Barton Dr.

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