The Rath Racing Polaris RZR XP 900 swaybar is a high-quality, race-proven upgrade to the steel swaybar found stock on the RZR XP 900. Daryl Rath has been racing and developing RZR parts for as long as the RZR has been around. With close contacts at Polaris and being based out of Minnesota, it may be even longer! The RZR swaybar controls excess body roll on the RZR, and with 14 inches of wheel travel on the RZR XP, it becomes very important for proper handling. The Rath Racing swaybar replaces the non-adjustable, hollow, steel swaybar with a three-way adjustable unit made from spring steel and billet aluminum.


The Rath swaybar is turned down from a substantial, solid piece of spring steel material. This spring steel is the same material used to form springs used for suspension. The spring steel material has both flex and memory. This is what sets the Rath swaybar on another level from the competition. The Rath swaybar also uses billet aluminum arms and superior quality, hardened bolts at its connection points.


The Rath swaybar features three mounting holes on its billet connecting arms. The center hole provides body roll resistance that is close to stock, and the outer hole gives the RZR even more resistance for high speed short course situations that require more resistance. The Rath swaybar also has an inner mounting hole option for situations that you might want less resistance for better articulation. The spring steel main shaft flexes instead of breaking under quick impacts


The Rath Racing swaybar is easier to install than the stocker. The one-piece U-shape of the stocker makes for a bit of a puzzle when removing or installing into the chassis location. They are easier to remove from RZRs that are raced or ridden hard because one end is typically already broken off, but with the Rath bar, you can easily slide the straight bar into place, and then add the billet brackets to the ends. Getting the bolts started through the hold-down brackets is a little bit difficult, but really no different from the stocker. Once you have the swaybar in place, you need to carefully adjust the location of the slide collars to center the bar safely where it can’t hit the chassis on its upstroke. The Rath swaybar can be installed, start to finish, with two people in 20?25 minutes?less if you really push it or have done your stocker already a handful of times.


We have been running our Rath swaybar in the stock adjustment hole for the past few WORCS races. The handling is definitely improved, especially in choppy sidehill situations or hard cornering. If cornered hard enough, the stock swaybar snaps pretty easily; this seems to be multiplied if you happen to be racing to finish on a flat tire. In theory, the spring steel used on the Rath swaybar allows the bar to flex under these extreme loads instead of breaking. The Rath swaybar has been proving itself throughout this racing season, and we haven’t been able to break one yet.


The stock swaybar does a pretty good job of keeping the RZR stable. You don’t really notice a problem until it breaks, and then you really know that it is missing. While the stock bar is pretty cheap to replace in comparison with the $439 Rath unit, it is just going to break again, and again. If you are driving your car hard enough to break the stock swaybar, do yourself a favor and kick down for the Rath one as a replacement. While we thought the stocker was doing a great job, we immediately noticed an improvement in handling by adding the spring steel Rath model. If you are into tinkering and testing with different suspension setups, the adjustability on the Rath bar will sell you in itself. Moving the mount between the three holes gives you a completely different handling car and could easily be the difference in having that perfect setup for your application.

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