Ready, Steady, Sponsor: How To Land The Big Boys

Sponsorships where UTV and ATV careers are concerned, make the world go round. They’re fantastic financial support. They provide a lorry load of free merch, as well as a tonne of other perks. So, you could suggest it’s somewhat of a dream for those starting on their career path and an essential ingredient in any success that will potentially occur as the journey progresses.

Racers will not immediately be in a position to land the big boys where sponsorship deals are concerned. However, there is huge potential if the correct steps along with the right amount of effort comes together. One of the most recent examples being the link-up between gaming giant PartyCasino and the motorsports industry. Large brands from other sectors are bringing their riches to the table, with the PartyCasino partnership with McLaren and their sponsorship of the Pinty125 race prime examples.

The pie is getting bigger in motorsports, and UTV and ATV racers can get a large slice by making the right moves. It’s all a process. And as success and experience credits build up in the bank, the better the rewards that will come their way in terms of offers from backers. And the perks on the table. But, there are steps that any racer can and should take to put themselves in pole position to secure lucrative deals when the time arises.


They, first of all, must put solid and professional foundations in place, as it’s these fundamentals that sponsors will want to see before they commit to backing a racer. A website detailing all the relevant information is a must, as is an up-to-date Linked In profile. Sponsors want to know about the person as much as they do their achievements. Tie this in with a professional email address, perhaps from a personalized web domain and social media profiles that bear scrutiny, and everything will be on the right track.

All the above is the digital approach, and this is now the way to go in the modern era. But, a hard copy is a must too. So, a racer should condense the information they provide on their professional-looking website and Linked In profile, turning it into a paper resume. While it’s easy to direct someone to a web address or to connect with them online, paper resumes are ideal for handing out to potential sponsors when the time arises. Or for firing off in envelopes, as it shows willingness and a concerted effort rather than a scattergun approach.

Pro Stock 1000 podium photo by Harlen Foley.

For all that has been said so far to come to fruition, a racer must know who to target. To land the big boys, they need to know the big boys, what makes them tick, and how to contact them. Research is crucial, as it can provide significant advantages when reaching out to companies. And when negotiating deals. And, above all else, check all communications and profiles for errors before proceeding, as schoolboy errors are a no-no.

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