— They’re guaranteed to be better than new —

Is the engine in your Polaris RZR starting to feel a little worn out? Could it use a new set of pistons or are you starting to hear funny sounds from the lower end? Well, it may need a major freshening up with new parts installed by someone who knows what they’re doing. REV 6 is a company that specializes in rebuilding RZR engines. You send them your engine, they take it apart and carefully inspect and measure everything. New parts are installed that they say are better than what came in it. The crankshafts are trued and balanced to make the engine run smoother and longer without problems. Below is a guide on their pricing:

Before sending them your RZR engine you’ll naturally want to know more details on what’s involved and the specific costs. To get the answers to every question you might have, go to this link>

To talk with the engine builders, call this number> (801) 855-7783

Or, more contact info here>




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