Speeding up a ski slope and through the trees


In the second annual Red Bull Mountain Scramble at Seven Springs Resort, Pennsylvania, 100 drivers took to the slopes for the unique event.

RS1s have to have an advantage in the tight woods as they do in the sand and other forms of racing. The cost of entry into the sport is also lower in a Polaris RZR RS1.


In year two, racers took on a narrower, less-forgiving and rocky course compared to the inaugural event. The course carved the backwoods and tall spiny trees of Seven Springs Ski Resort. In the single-heat races, 100 racers in the SxS Pro and SXS Sportsman classes took positions in a staggered field at the starting line for a dead-engine start in two-minute intervals.

The tight Pennsylvania woods are a tough test of man and machine. Even a small sapling can take out a suspension component or brake line and end your day. The six-mile course had to be lapped five times for drivers to finish.


Mitch Guthrie Jr. is the star of the series and the best-known Red Bull athlete in the UTV category. He competes at every event, so if you want to test your skills against him, sign up for the next round. At this round, Guthrie hit a stump, causing a flat and keeping him off the podium.


The Red Bull Off-Road Junior Team’s Mitch Guthrie Jr. returned for his second year on the podium; however, Guthrie suffered a front right flat tire after hitting a stump trying to pass a lap car in a new line. “This race is crazy because it’s in the trees,” Guthrie said, adding that if he had a wider car he wouldn’t make it through some narrower spots. “From lap one to lap five, the course was completely different. You may have bottlenecks where a car might break down in the road and you have to run over trees to get around them and figure out a way. It’s a lot different from most of the scrambles, and that’s the cool thing I like about the series. We can go from desert to snow to trees to rocks and see a little bit of everything.”

There are only two classes to compete in at the event—Pro and Sportsman. The steep hills lend itself to turbo horsepower for sure. However, you have to have a strong car and a mistake-free run as well.


John Barnes took his SuperATV-backed Polaris RZR to the front and never looked back. He was awarded $5000 worth of Polaris accessories. Along with that, he has bragging rights for the next round.


After unpredictable terrain, crashes, steep hill-climbs and flat tires throughout the six-mile-long course, only 26 racers finished all five laps of the event. That number slightly increased to 50 competitors who pushed their vehicles to complete the race (whether completing five laps or just being lapped and the race concluding). John Barnes took home $5000 worth of Polaris accessories for his efforts. In the Sportsman class, a first-time racer landed on the top of the podium and got a new set of BFG tires along with $500.

Mitch Guthrie Jr. prepares for Red Bull Mountain Scramble in Champion, Pennsylvania, USA on May 30, 2022. // Chris Tedesco / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202205300395 // Usage for editorial use only //



The series heads west to Little Sahara, Utah, for the inaugural Red Bull High Desert Scramble on July 30! It’s the newest race in the Red Bull Scramble Series calendar for the year. Stand by for the announcement with more information about what you can expect.

The Pro podium finishers are John Barnes (Ashland City, TN), Devin Smith (Terre Haute, IN) and Robert Boynton (Toms River, NJ).


Ariel Buyarski took the win in the Sportsman ranks, followed by Joseph Winder and Tyler Betz.



Red Bull Mountain Scramble

Seven Springs Resort, PA

SxS Pro

1. John Barnes (Ashland City, TN), 1:18:52

2. Devin Smith (Terre Haute, IN), 1:19:29

3. Robert Boynton (Toms River, NJ), 1:20:35

SxS Sportsman

1. Ariel Buyarski (Chagrin Falls, OH), 1:26:21

2. Joseph Winder (Perryopolis, PA), 1:29:18

3. Tyler Betz (Montgomery, PA), 1:29:29

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