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If all of the OHV dune photography in the magazine makes you want to try your hand at sand, we’ve got an idea for you. Why not rent a camping trailer and check out the Imperial Sand Dunes at Glamis or Oceano Dunes SVRA at Pismo Beach? Whenever we’re planning for the WORCS race at Pismo or the Rhino Rally at Glamis, we give Luv 2 Camp a call and stay in style at the dunes instead of wasting time driving to and from the nearest hotel. Luv 2 Camp tows one of their rental trailers to the site and sets it up for us, so we can spend more time duning and having fun around the campfire.
We bring our own ATVs, UTVs and dirt bikes, but families from the far reaches of the country and world can rent ATVs, UTVs and even dirt bikes at Glamis and Pismo. So, you could fly in from anywhere in the world, rent a car, and drive up to your campsite for a weekend or weeklong adventure in some of the best dunes in the country, if not the world. Sure, the Sahara is bigger, but how many camping trailer and ATV rental companies are there in Morocco? Here’s a guide to camper and ATV/UTV rental companies at Glamis and Pismo, two of the largest and most-popular dunes systems in California.

Mark and Anna Williams created Luv 2 Camp to accommodate duners at Glamis and Pismo, and they have several camping trailers for both locations. They have a fleet of Forest River “Salem” trailers in 26- and 31-foot sizes, and they’re even coming online with 22-foot Sunline Advancer handicap-equipped trailers. Each has a two-night minimum rental, and big holiday weekends require a three-day minimum. The smaller trailers can sleep up to eight, and the larger ones can sleep up to ten. They’re delivered to the dunes, set up and stocked with full water and generator tanks and empty holding tanks. Each trailer is stocked with pots, pans, place settings, silverware, toilet paper, paper towels and cleaning supplies.
Renters need to bring their own sleeping bags or sheets and blankets, pillows, food, drink, gear and gasoline, and we also suggest a flashlight, firewood, matches, sunscreen, lip balm, hat, sunglasses and personal medications. Each trailer has charged batteries and full propane tanks, and the refrigerator/freezer runs on either propane or electricity. Batteries will usually last three days, but the generator is needed to power 110v sockets and the microwave. They also have propane heating for winter and an air conditioner; if you want it cold inside, bring extra gas for the generator.
Because of the summer heat, the Glamis season runs from Halloween to Easter, and units are then taken to provide more service to Pismo. Smaller trailers at Pismo don’t generally come with generators, but all are at Glamis. Popular Glamis campsites are Gecko, Glamis Flats, Canals, Cement Flats and Washes up to #15, and there’s no delivery fee for Glamis. Pismo has a $99 delivery fee for each trailer; there’s an extra $25 for delivery to Lake Lopez. There’s a $500 deposit on each rental for damages and rates begin at $378 for two nights for the 26-footer and $478 for a 31-foot camper. If campsite reservations are required, they’re the responsibility of the renter. Luv 2 Camp delivers to Oceano Dunes, Oceano State Park, Pismo Beach North and campsites around Lake Lopez, and San Diego sites are in the works.

Luv 2 Camp is tight with Arnie’s ATV Rentals, which has two locations at Pismo, and they rent LT80s, Yamaha 125s, and Honda Recon 250s, 250EXs and 400EXs by the hour (two, four or six). Two hours on the Suzuki 80 cost $48, and six hours on the 400EX is $253. There are restrictions and rules concerning helmets and safety gear, signing releases and speed limits near camps, and there’s no riding in the water or wet sand. There are also two other ATV rentals in town, but Luv 2 Camp recommends Arnie’s.
Glamis has ATV and UTV rentals at Vendor Row. Fun Time ATV Rentals rents Rhino 660s and 450s, Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki 450s, Raptor 660s, 400EXs, 300EXs, 250EXs, TRX90s and KFX50s by the day with a two-day minimum on big holiday weekends. They also rent 6500-watt generators for $65 a day.

Rhinos 4 Rent has a fleet of  ’07 Rhino 660s equipped with doors and flags, but you have to be a licensed driver at least 25 years old to rent them. The security deposit is $1000; the first day rate is $270, the second day is $250, and they drop $25 each day after with a free seventh day ($1270 per week). They have limits on where you can venture, though, with Comp Hill, Oldsmobile and the big dunes between being off-limits. There’s also a $50 pickup/delivery fee, but big groups get discounts.

Since 2004, Camp N Style has serviced Glamis, Gordon Wells and Buttercup Dunes with 26-foot Salem campers and 28- and 40-foot Weekend Warrior toyhaulers. Yamaha had them deliver a fleet of Weekend Warriors for the Rhino Rally, and Camp N Style also delivers and sets up each trailer at the usual Glamis campsites. There’s a two-night minimum (three-night for big weekends) plus a $500 deposit for cleaning and damages. Camp N Style charges for awning use, and four hours of generator use are included in the daily rate with $5/hour additional charges. Rates are similar to Luv 2 Camp with the 26-foot Salem starting at $378 for two nights up to $1190 for a week. The 28-foot Warriers go from $478 to $1533 per week. There’s a $95 delivery charge for the Glamis Flats area and washes up to #15, and it’s $125 for Buttercup or Gordon Wells.

Fresh water tanks are small in these trailers, so water conservation is important. Showers have a button for turning off the showerhead flow; get wet, then turn it off as you soap up, then back on to rinse. Keep it short, and bring bottled water for drinking and cooking. Paper plates and plastic cups also extend the supply by eliminating dishwater. Extra water in the toilet saves rinsing afterwards. Camping supply stores also sell collapsible water bags and hanging outside showers.
If you plan on a campfire, pallets and any wood with nails or woodscrews imbedded are illegal. Vendor Row at Glamis has a firewood seller, and you can get ice as well. There are also pump trucks for emptying gray-and black-water tanks.
Luv 2 Camp disables the awning on their trailers because neophytes tend to leave the awning out when they leave camp or go to bed, and winds can easily destroy an awning. Camp N Style charges extra for awning use. Big 5 and other discount houses sell EZ-Ups for $100. It’s also a good idea to bring folding chairs for sitting around camp.
Turn on the water heater once in the morning (or evening) then turn it off to save propane, and bring an ice chest so the fridge isn’t opened every few minutes. This and a doormat also keep the dunes from being brought inside. A whip with a unique flag and light help you distinguish your camper from others.
Camper ovens are small, so don’t buy the large DiGiorno pizzas or expect to cook a big turkey inside. We bring a lot of chips, dip, beef jerky, energy bars, trail mix, Lunchables and tuna and cracker snacks. Cereal and fruit for breakfast and snacks for lunch cuts down on cooking and cleaning pots and pans.
Those wanting to rent a toyhauler and bring their own OHVs to the dunes should check out for rental locations in your area. This website also has RVing tips and listings of campgrounds along your route to the dunes.

Renting your first dune adventure is a good way to get your sand senses, and having the camper delivered eliminates the need to own or rent a vehicle capable of towing at 26-foot or larger RV and cuts down on fuel costs. Renting machines on site and having a trailer set up upon arrival is comparatively inexpensive for families living several states away from SoCal’s duning hotspots. Cruise America (800-671-8042) has Fun Mover toyhauler/RVs for rent at several locations throughout the country, but they charge for mileage ($128 for 400 miles), so driving from Phoenix or Vegas can be more expensive than renting RV and OHVs at the destination. Renting also gives those interested in buying an RV an idea of what size and floor plan works best for them. Check it out and catch dune fever the easy way!

* Luv 2 Camp
888-898-CAMP (2267)
Hours 8 a.m.-4 p.m. (PST) M-F
• Arnie’s ATV Rentals
311 Pier Ave., Oceano, CA 934445
(800) 213-1590
• Fun Time ATV Rentals
(323) 707-3478
• Rhinos 4 Rent
Glamis Vendor Row
(951) 340-2449
• Camp N Style
(877) 965-RENT (7368) o

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