Rhino USA is a father-and-sons OHV-enthusiasts business in Temecula, California, and they lab-test their made-in-the-USA recovery and tie-down products for great quality at a great price. Rhino USA’s 1.6-inch x 8-foot HD ratchet tie-down straps are not your ordinary, value-brand straps. We got our hands on Rhino’s four-pack kit that includes four 1.6-inch x 8-foot ratchet straps, four 1.6-inch x 17-inch soft loops, four logo-embossed Velcro closure straps, a handy carry bag, instructions, and Rhino USA sticker kit.


The HD ratchet straps have high-end ratchets with padded ergonomic grips on the large handle and a smaller release handle, plus plastic end caps on the geared roller. Each end has an S-hook with spring-loaded clip closures, also with small soft-grip ends. The 1.6-inch-wide straps have an amazing 5,208-pound load rating, thanks to double-diamond stitching and thick construction. The same goes for the 1.6-inch soft-loop closures. While we went with traditional black, Rhino USA offers the straps in lime green, blue, orange, red and grey to match your UTV. They’re protected by a lifetime warranty, too.

Here’s our Pro R 4 tied down with the Rhino USA straps. Should you need soft loops on each end for anchoring to frame rails, a 1.6-inch x 17-inch soft-loop four-pack is $13.90, and 2-inch x 38-inch axle strap four-packs are $25.90.



We loaded up a RZR Pro R 4 on the trusty Aluma using the trailer’s four embedded anchor hooks. Up front, we used one 8-foot strap and ran the small end around the Pro’s front bumper a couple of times and then anchored it. In back, we ran two soft loops around the Pro’s top frame tubes, and installed a ratchet strap hook on each loop and the two trailer anchors. The setup reminded us of SpeedStrap’s similar ratchet-strap kit (June 2015), which has two 1.5-inch x 6-foot ratchet straps and one 3-point 12-foot strap, plus three Velcro closures and a zippered carry bag.


Anyone needing high-quality ratchet tie-downs at an inexpensive price will appreciate Rhino USA’s four-pack ratchet strap kit.


We transported the Pro R 4 across dirt roads and rough pavement, and the ratchets were as tight at the end of the test as they were initially. The soft-grip handles are easy to use and solid, yet they release on command. We haven’t experienced any problem with dust and dirt fouling the ratchet mechanisms or safety clips on the S-hooks. The soft loops are also easy to install and remove, although the SpeedStrap 6-foot ratchets have the soft loops built into one end, making it a bit easier. On the other hand, the comparable SpeedStrap kit was $98.56 in 2015, and we did have chafing over time with one SpeedStrap.


At $64.90, the Rhino USA four-pack HD ratchet tie-down with four 1.6-inch x 8-foot ratchets and four 1.6-inch x 17-inch soft loops is a great value, and the ergonomic-gripped ratchets are as high quality as SpeedStrap’s version. The Rhino straps are more compliant yet have high-tensile strength, and the S-hooks with safety clips are especially effective on enclosed trailers with installed anchor strips. The only thing better with the comparable SpeedStrap kit was the zippered storage bag versus the Rhino USA storage bag with draw-string closure. Rhino USA also has 1-inch x 15-foot four-pack kits for $36.90. 

CONTACT: www.rhinousainc.com, (800) 575-7310

RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $64.90; $139.90, 2-inch x 8-foot four-pack (normally $199.97)

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