Last month we reported on 2022 Can-Am, Polaris and Arctic Cat UTVs and looked into the current and future electric-powered UTVs, and 2022 is going to be another great year of testing the latest and greatest “ultimate terrain vehicles.” This month Polaris was the first to introduce the press to many of its 2022 UTVs at ERX Park in Elk River, Wisconsin, and we’re stoked to take a deep dive into the all-new RZR 200 youth UTV and test the 2022 General XP4 1000 Deluxe and new Trailhead Edition in this issue. Polaris also demo’d its prototype all-new EV Ranger (see “Inside Scoop:), which is a product of the partnership between Polaris and Zero Motorcycles.

If the RZR 200 is any indication of what 2022 will bring, it’s going to be a stellar year for many UTV enthusiasts, both young and old. Starting on page 62, check out “Ten Things to Know About the RZR 200.” We’re also excited to bring you the latest General news, starting on page 52. As we reported last month, Polaris didn’t release any news about a 72-inch-wide RZR Pro XP Turbo, and the Northstar people announced that the RZR S Turbo will not return for 2022. That can only mean there will be a wider Pro S XP coming soon!


Likewise, the next-generation EV Ranger will be every bit as exciting, as will the electric UTVs from Can-Am, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Nikola and others. Polaris announced the EV Ranger as a 2022 model, so we’ll present more news on it as soon as possible.

There is also a new electric start-up coming from Rindev, a company in Colorado, that is slated as a 2023. The Rindev Unity is an all-wheel-drive electric UTV with 507-horsepower motor, 21 inches of suspension travel and a fully enclosed cockpit with Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and seating for four. Not only does Rindev claim 507 horsepower, the electric UTV is claimed to produce 812 pound-feet of torque and have a range of up to 350 miles! Designed for desert, dunes, woods and hunting, the Unity will have ultra-silent operation, a width of 62 inches, a 3000-pound towing capacity and 32-inch tires.

Windshields, windows and doors are removable, so owners can enjoy climate-controlled and dust-free off-roading or open-cab wheeling with wind in the face. Rindev also claims that the Unity will have built-in artificial intelligence to self-diagnose and alert you of any problems. Diagnostic data is to be shared between all Unity UTVs, allowing them to learn from each other and provide over-air improvements. Owners can charge the Unity from any 120–240-volt outlet; level one, two or three charging station; or home charger.

Rindev’s roots are in outdoor recreation, and its team places equal emphasis on quality, performance and sustainability. They created the Unity because the products they see on the market today don’t meet their standards. Rindev plans to participate in various stewardship events and environmental cleanups. Rindev is partnered with Tread Lightly, Stay the Trail Colorado and Brembo, with more to come. They claim the Unity will be produced with no animal products and with upcycled plastics. The Unity starts at $29,999 and will be customizable without voiding the factory warranty. Go to www.rindev.com to see updates, sign up for their newsletter, reserve a Unity, or attend volunteer days and/or motorsports events.

Hopefully, the Unity will be available as a 2023 UTV, as we still haven’t seen production Nikola NZT or Reckless UTVs, which we reported on in the July 2019 issue. Until then, we can’t wait to experience and report on the rest of the 2022 offerings over the year! 

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