RJ Anderson’s HOLZ XP1K 2

The XP1K is back, and they’ve gone bigger than ever for the sequel! RJ Anderson along with Mad Media and UTVUnderground.com have laid it all on the line again, looking to showcase the RZR XP 1000’s amazing capabilities, as well as one-upping their original creation. Mad Media and UTVUnderground launched the first viral XP1K video in 2013. Centered around the launch of Polaris’ all-new RZR XP 1000, it obtained an amazing 1.5 million YouTube views and a half billion impressions worldwide. This was by far the biggest campaign of its kind for the SxS market and quite possibly powersports as a whole. XP1K featured RJ Anderson with a highly built, turbocharged XP 1000 in a super-cool desert mine/ghost town location. The creative minds behind Mad Media, the Martelli brothers, literally turned the entire area into the equivalent of a skatepark for RJ’s XP1K RZR.

Super-technical, almost dream-like terrain, combined with an incredibly high-performance vehicle and an amazing driver were complemented with awesome cinematography and creative camera angles. The XP1K left a great impression on its viewers and undoubtedly played a part in the success of Polaris’ new vehicle. A million and a half views is an impressive start, and Mad Media is shooting for the stars to surpass it with this year’s sequel. The driver will remain the same, as will the XP 1000 core of the machine. They chose an amazing forest location in Washington state, featuring crazy stunts using the natural terrain, as well as nearly 20 man-made obstacles.

RJ’s XP1K 2 vehicle was similar in build, yet featured major refinements in suspension, tires, wheels and a whole new naturally aspirated, big-bore Muzzy’s Performance engine build. I had the opportunity of working and helping out on set with the whole crew, as well as driving the XP1K car. While the death-defying stunts were pretty incredible, the Mad Media guys went to extreme lengths to ensure safety. UTVUndergound also had Mark Holz build the coolest UTVs I have ever driven or even seen for that matter.


The XP1K 2 car-building duties were left up to Mark Holz of HolzRacingProducts.com and the entire powerplant and clutching was handled by Muzzy’s Performance. Similar to the first one, the XP1K 2 build starts with Holz Racing’s chromoly Race Deluxe cage kit. This cage kit is identical to the one used by Beau Baron to win the last two WORCS championships and can also be found on RJ’s WORCS car. This same kit is available to the public and used widely across the globe by racers looking for a race-proven, racedeveloped complete cage setup.

At 5 thousand dollars, the Holz setup seems pricey for a cage. Truth be told, it is much more than just a cage. HRP has taken the work out of building a race car. This cage kit comes complete, ready to bolt on and go win races at any level. The Deluxe cage includes an aluminum roof and solid mount doors that mount with Dzus fasteners. The kit also includes window nets, an aluminum dash, a bed delete, a rear firewall, a seat-lowering mount and a lightweight battery box, battery and all necessary wiring. Holz’s custom seat bracket lowers the seat height by 4 inches, drastically lowering the center of gravity in the process. The lightweight battery setup cuts 19 pounds from the stock setup, as well as allowing for the lower seat mount. XP1K and XP1K 2 both also feature a custom aluminum panel insert where the passenger seat would typically sit.

After the cage kit, Holz Racing’s other focus was suspension and overall durability. For XP1K, Mad Media had plans for a world record jump, massive 50/50 grinds over downed trees, and double jumps stepping up onto boulders. None of these stunts are easy on suspension components, and failure was not an option. Holz chromoly A-arms with boxed lowers and the upgraded uni-ball ball joints were used up front, as were heavy-duty chromoly trailing arms and radius rods in the rear. Holz also installed his HD axle kits, HD tie-rods, and a HRP chromoly sway bar to reduce any chance of failure in those areas. Part of my involvement in this project was pre-testing many of the stunts in a closer-to-stock XP 1000, and I can assure you that the Holz suspension parts, especially the HD ball joints, proved a lot more durable than the stockers.

The protection of the XP1K 2 was wrapped up with Holz’s HD rear skid plate, nerf bars, and pre-runner-style bumpers front and rear. Holz also fabricated custom-turning/cutting brakes that allowed RJ to apply left or right front-brake pressure individually to help aid in some of the more technical stunts. The look was capped off with a billet shifter and custom matte XP1K graphics by ProlineWraps.com


With the car build in order, it was time for some serious horsepower. The stunt list for XP1K 2 included a worldrecord leap, as well as many other crazy jumps that would require major speed to accomplish safely. Muzzy’s Performance got the opportunity to show the world what their crazy-powerful, 1132cc, bigbore motor was capable of. The Muzzy’s naturally aspirated big-bore setup makes huge power and is said to be super reliable. While on set, the motor was pushed harder than you can imagine through rain, mud and sunshine without the slightest indication of a problem. The complete Muzzy’s XP1K motor is available to the public, just like the rest of the mods. Muzzy’s uses their own 1132cc, billet-aluminum, big-bore cylinder kit with slipper-type racing pistons. The precision-machined cylinders feature a closed deck for rigidity and better head-gasket sealing. The custom cylinder incorporates larger water jackets for improved cooling and nickel silicon carbide coating on cylinder walls.

The big-bore kit is mated with custom Muzzy’s camshafts and heavy-duty valve springs with titanium retainers. The stock head gets handported and a valve job for maximum flow before reassembly as well. Bottomend reliability and strength is ensured with custom Carillo rods that are built to Muzzy’s specs specific to the 1132 motor. Muzzy’s also uses their own 1132-specific, modified fuel injectors and a custom tune on their DigiTune Gen4 programmer. Clutching is also specific to the 1132, as it requires a complete setup by Muzzy’s to get the heavily increased horsepower to the ground. The Muzzy’s exhaust system is an off-the-shelf, full-system setup.


The shocks are often considered the heart of any off-road race machine; XP1K 2 is no exception. RJ Anderson has a head-up on the competition when it comes to suspension. RJ’s dad Jason happens to run Walker Evans Racing and was heavily involved in the suspension setup and overall racing success of off-road legend Walker Evans. While the XP 1000 comes with production Walker Evan’s shocks, they can make night-and-day handling improvements to the stockers with upgraded components and valving. This Walker Evans upgrade is true race quality and a major improvement over the stockers, but it pales in comparison to the full pro-level race shocks they have developed over the last years. RJ’s Walker Evans full race shocks use piggyback reservoirs for increased convenience and performance. The dual-rate, custom-valved race shocks are needle shocks that use needle-valve technology to prevent bottoming. They are high- and low-speed compression adjustable and featured custom gold anodizing on the XP1K set. The “jump” car I used for the testing I was involved with featured the needle shocks off of last year’s XP1K car. I can tell you that even with a year less development on them than what RJ was driving, they were as good or better than anything I’ve ever driven.


The XP1K 2 uses BFG light truck tires for optimum performance and durability. The BFG Mud Terrain KM2 comes in a UTV-friendly 30×9.5xR15 size. This tire is proving itself on many XP 1000 builds, but it requires a 15-inch wheel. By the time you read this, Walker Evans Racing will be selling a more affordable, forged, 15-inch beadlock option for the XP 1000, but it was not available in time for filming. The XP1K 2 car used OMF three-piece billet beadlocks with custom centers that Mark Holz machined to look like the Walker Evans wheels. This billet OMF beadlock setup features top-notch quality, strength and functionality, but you definitely pay for the privilege.


I was able to put a few miles on the XP1K 2 car, and it seems really good. I didn’t jump or really beat on it personally, but I did witness RJ pulling off many incredible stunts in it. One stunt in particular was jumping an additional 10 feet past Ryan Piplic’s current world record of 155.8 feet on a UTV. RJ went 165 feet and change with a massive 100-foot gap thrown in just to add to the sketchy look of it. He honestly could have gone farther but was running out of landing, and there wasn’t time in between rain showers to reset the take-off ramp.

If you didn’t have the luxury of catching this amazing video at this year’s Camp RZR, you can look it up at XP1K2.com online November 4th.

Holz Racing Chromoly Race Deluxe
Cage with aluminum roof, Dzus on doors,
window nets, dash, custom seat-lowering
mount, lightweight battery and box, bed
delete, rear firewall: $4995
Holz Chromoly A-Arms w/ Boxed
Lowers: $1499
Holz HD Front-Axle Kit: $169
Holz HD 300M Rear-Axle Kit: $249
Holz HD Tie-Rods: $249
Holz HD Chromoly Trailing Arms: $1200
Holz Trailing Arm Deflector: $125
Holz Sway Bar: $499
Holz HD Radius Rods: $500
Holz Rear Chassis Brace: $99
Holz Rear Skid Plate: $119
Holz HD Billet Motor Mount Kit: $199
Holz Pre-Runner Front Bumper: $449
Holz Pre-Runner Rear Bumper: $325
Holz Nerf Bars: $299
Holz Billet Shifter: $119
Holz Custom Hand-Applied Turning/
Cutting VBrakes
Muzzy’s Performance 1132cc Pro Star
Billet Aluminum Big-Bore Cylinders w/
99mm Slipper-Type Racing Pistons: $2159
Muzzy’s Hand Port and Valve Job: $695
Carrillo Rods: $589
Muzzy’s Camshaft Set: $583 w/
Muzzy’s HD Valve Spring Kit: $441
Muzzy’s Injectors: $159 w/ exchange
Custom Muzzy’s Clutch Kit for 1132cc
motor: $399
Muzzy’s DigiTune Gen 4 fuel tuner with
Custom Calibration: $399
Muzzy’s Performance Exhaust (Black):
Walker Evans Racing Black and Gold
Edition 2.5-Inch Dual-Rate Piggyback
Needle Shocks Front and Rear with Custom
Valving and Anti-Bottoming Technology:
$775 each
BGGoodrich Mud Terrain KM 2Tires
Sparco EVO-II Race Seat: $825
Mastercraft Safety 5-Point Harness: $95
Joe’s Racing Products Aluminum
Steering Wheel w/ Quick Release & Pad:
Joe;s Racing Products Window Net
Release: $80
Custom Graphics by ProLineWraps.com
OMF Performance 15-Inch 3-Piece
Beadlock Race Wheels


www.holzracingproducts.com or
call them at (360) 398-7006
www.Muzzy’s.com or call them at
www.walkerevansracing.com or
call (888) 933-7223

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