CHARLOTTE, N.C. (August 15, 2018)– SST officials have announced plans for the Robby Gordon Off-Road World Championships to take place Friday, November 30; Saturday, December 1; and Sunday, December 2 at Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino, California.

Southern California is a place where Off-Road Truck Racing, Motocross, FMX, and the UTV industry all collide on a daily basis. Glen Helen Raceway provides the ultimate location to host such a large-scale event such as the Robby Gordon Off-Road World Championship will be.

“Last year we settled the SST World Championship over in Lake Elsinore with an incredible Stadium event where it came down to a single point to decide Paul Morris as the SST CHAMPION over Matt Brabham, but off-road racing is a lot more than just SST trucks and UTV’s. Back in the beginning of my career we use to race at Riverside Raceway with the Mickey Thompson Off Road Grand Prix, and I wanted to bring back something similar with 2 classes of Motocross, 2 classes of UTV’s, FMX and SST Trucks for a weekend long Off Road World Championship.  The Glen Helen Raceway campus provides the perfect location for us to host large crowds for a weekend long event with EPIC racing, camping, music, and venders all close to the Los Angeles area,” Stated Stadium SUPER Trucks President, Robby Gordon.

Set against a mountain side North of San Bernardino, California on 256 acres of shared county property the Glen Helen Raceway was built in 1985 to host several sand drag, off-road, and motocross events at various tracks constructed over the years. However, it was the annual stop for the Motocross National event that put Glen Helen on the map with its National MX track. Famous for its famous steep hills, jumps, and banking it offers the perfect combination of extreme obstacles for the various disciplines the Robby Gordon Off-Road World Championships will feature, as all classes will look to conquer the ever challenging outdoor motocross track.  

The 2018 Off Road Word Championships will feature 2 unique classes of Motocross; the Unlimited class will feature 250 2 Stroke vs. 450 Pro, and the 125/250 class will feature 125 2 Stroke vs. 250 4 Stroke Pro races. The best riders from all around the world will be on hand to battle for one of the richest purses of the year with the Unlimited Class battling for $20,000 cash to the overall winner, while the 125/250 MX riders will have there own $10,000 overall prize to go after.

Principal of Glen Helen Raceway, Bud Feldkamp voiced his excitement for the newly announced Robby Gordon Off-Road World Championships.

“I am very excited about Robby Gordon’s Off-Road World Championships coming to Glen Helen Raceway this year.  As a long-time off-road enthusiast, I myself can remember all the excitement that was shared at places like Riverside Raceway in the 70’s with these Mickey Thompson style events.  Glen Helen is on board and ready to do everything possible to make it a truly unique race experience for everyone.”

UTV Pro is Quickly becoming one of the most popular, and most affordable forms of off-road racing today. The UTV division will feature two different classes with the Turbo and Normally Aspirated cars. The two classes will be competing together for a large $10,000 to win overall prize.

Also being contested over the course of the weekend will be a huge FMX Best Trick contest, and an amateur Jump Contest that will be open to all pre-runners, desert and short-course trucks, buggys, cars, and UTV’s. More information regarding both events will be released in the coming weeks.

Robby Gordon Off-Road World Championships is not just action-packed racing on track, make sure to come out to the track early each day as a full off-road and motocross life style village will be happening throughout the day. This will serve as one of the last opportunities to visit with your favorite off-road vendors, and exhibitors to get those last minute Christmas gifts for the off-road enthusiast on your list.

Be sure to stay after the races on Saturday night as included with your race ticket will be live music and a party.

Tickets, and reserved camping spots for the Robby Gordon Off-Road World Championships will be available September 1.

Looking to entertain family and friends or host a holiday party? Outdoor catered suites are available to view all the entertainment. Pricing is available by contacting Stadium SUPER Trucks at [email protected]

Competitors looking to participate in the following disciplines; Unlimited Pro MX, 125/250 Pro MX, UTV Pro, Freestyle MX, Off-Road Jump Contest are urged to pre-register for the event at starting September 1.

The 2018 SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks World Championship will continue with Rounds 13 & 14; August 24 & 25 in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin for the first annual Menards Stadium SUPER Trucks at Road America.

Discounted pre-sale tickets are currently offered at participating local Menards stores in Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan.

For fans attending outside the local Menards area pre-sale tickets with multiple different options are available for purchase at

2018 SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks World Championship Winners 

Round No.      Race Location                 Race Date                   Winner

1              Lake Elsinore, California    January 27, 2018          Bill Hynes

                                                                                 Overall: Jeff Hoffman

2               Adelaide, SA, Australia     March 2, 2018             Cole Potts

3               Adelaide, SA, Australia     March 3, 2018             Robby Gordon

4               Adelaide, SA, Australia     March 4, 2018             Matt Brabham

                                                                                 Overall: Matt Brabham

5               Long Beach, California      April 14, 2018             Gavin Harlien

6               Long Beach, California      April 15, 2018             Matt Brabham

                                                                                 Overall: Matt Brabham

7               Perth, WA, Australia         May 5, 2018               Arie Luyenkdyk Jr.

8               Perth, WA, Australia         May 6, 2018               Jeff Hoffman

                                                                                 Overall: Matt Brabham

9               Detroit, Michigan              June 2, 2018              Gavin Harlien

10             Detroit, Michigan              June 3, 2018              Arie Luyendyk Jr. 

                                                                            Overall: Arie Luyendyk Jr.

11             No Limits, Texas               June 9, 2018              Gavin Harlien

12             No Limits, Texas               June 10, 2018            Matt Brabham

                                                                                 Overall:Gavin Harlien

13             Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin     August 24, 2018

2018 Stadium SUPER Trucks World Championship Schedule 

Round 1: January 27, 2018; Lake Elsinore, California

Round 2: March 2, 2018; Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Round 3: March 3, 2018; Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Round 4: March 4, 2018; Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Round 5: April 14, 2018; Long Beach, California

Round 6: April 15, 2018; Long Beach, California

Round 7: May 5, 2018; Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Round 8: May 6, 2018; Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Round 9: June 2, 2018; Detroit, Michigan

Round 10: June 3, 2018; Detroit, Michigan

Round 11: June 9, 2018; Fort Worth, Texas

Round 12: June 9, 2018; Fort Worth, Texas

Round 13: August 24, 2018; Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin

Round 14: August 25, 2018; Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin

Round 15: October 19, 2018; Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Round 16: October 20, 2018; Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Round 17: October 21, 2018; Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Round 18 November TBA

Round 19: November TBA

Round 20: November 30, 2018; San Bernardino, California  

Round 21: December 1, 2018; San Bernardino, California

Round 22: December 2, 2018; San Bernardino, California

About SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks 

Influenced by the former Mickey Thompson Stadium Off-Road Racing Series, where drivers such as Gordon, Casey Mears and seven-time NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson got their start, Gordon created SST in response to the public’s overwhelming interest in trucks and off-road racing. His plan to re-launch the former stadium series has led to exciting racing on both asphalt and dirt, while producing one of the most extreme forms of action sports today.

Other than the trucks launching 20 feet in the air covering distances more than 150 feet, what sets the SST program apart from other series is the fact that all the SST trucks are identically prepared and delivered to drivers in race-ready condition. Race winners are decided by driver skill rather than individual team engineering and budgets. Drivers and their personal mechanics are assigned specific SST mechanics who together tune and make minor adjustments to the 600-horsepower trucks.






Media Contact: Chris Hecht

SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks

[email protected]

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