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Last weekend, Robby Gordon competed and won the BF Goodrich Tires ( The Mint 400 ( in the normally aspirated UTV Pro Class driving a Textron Wild Cat XX with his own Speed SXS long travel suspension. He shared the driving duties with his 11 year old son Max as he has done in BITD and SCORE races before. 

However, sometime during the race, Max had to get out of the car because he was feeling ill. This is where the rules come in and possible competitor protests which we could not confirm.

 When the results were finalized, Gordon was ruled disqualified after a number of infractions were brought to light and consequences were issued. See the results HERE.


We reached out to Robby to get his comments on the ruling and this is what he said.

UTV Action Magazine: Would you care to comment on the Mint 400 ruling and DQ?

Robby Gordon: It doesn’t matter to me, we were the fastest and won!. If they want to take a win away from an 11 year old for the they guy not being banded for the correct car, so be it.

Honestly the beatings are just in the beginning stages, Stay tuned! The Speed UTV ( is going to destroy the industry so I am not really worried at all. 

An 11 year old smoked grown men with a bone stock car with a welded on cage and Speed SXS long travel.

Honestly changing the ruling seven days later doesn’t mean S#!+

UTV Action Magazine: It’s been fun watching the development of the new brand, keep up the good fight.

Robby Gordon: Have a good night, I’m on my way to the WORCS Race ( in lake Havasu, AZ.

Ruling from THE MINT 400 

2020 Mint 400 Race Penalties and Disqualifications 

Following thorough research into each race incident, we have come to the following decisions regarding race incidents: 

● Robby Gordon – Class UTV Pro NA – #1971 

  • ○  Incident 
    • Driving with no co-driver for a 35 mi stretch of racecourse
    • Utilizing an unregistered person in a co-driver position for 1 full lap of the
  • ○  Determination – Driver is Disqualified from the race

■ Reason – Having an unlicensed/unregistered driver in the co-driver position for 1 full lap of the race 

  • ○  The incident of driving with no co-driver for a 35 mi stretch was allowed via Pit A Captain due to a medical emergency.
  • ○  The incident of short coursing was evaluated. It was determined that this was done by several other racers as well and is being allowed due to confusion with course markings.
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