Texplex Park hosted the seventh round of the 2021 $200,000 Texas Outlaw UTV Race Series, and there were a total of 145 entries for the weekend with 15 Turbo Pros, 10 NA 1000 Pros and 22 NA 1000 Amateurs. Also having a  dirt bike motocross series, Texplex uses a two-moto format with Olympic scoring like the Motocross of Nations. Low score for the combined races wins, and is awarded 25 points towards the series championship. First motos are started in waves with separate scoring for each wave, and winners get first picks of starting positions in the longer second motos.

Ronnie Anderson backed up his Ultra4 class 4900 win at the Sturgis Rally with the Pro Turbo UTV win at Texplex Park’s Round 7. Look for a feature on his hybrid Polaris RZR S/Pro XP in an upcoming issue of UTV Action Magazine.


In Pro Turbos first moto, four-time winner Cody Miller won his wave and turned the fastest lap of the race, a 02:23.059, while brother Hunter won the second wave with a fast lap of 02:24.520. Ronnie Anderson was second to Cody with a 02:23.758, and Cody Taylor (C-A) was second to Hunter with a 02:24.550. The Millers got the first two gate picks for the land-rush second-moto start, but it was Anderson who put his hybrid RZR S/Pro XP into the lead ahead of Cody, Kyle Chaney and Hunter. Anderson opened a slight gap in the first two of nine laps, but Cody closed to within a second of Ronnie before making a mistake on lap seven. Again Cody charged and turned a 02:22.160 at the white flag, but Ronnie answered with a 02:21.717 to take the win and stop the Miller Brothers’ track domination.

Kyle Chaney was third in the longer Pro Turbo second heat, but a bad first moto dropped him back to fifth. Chaney has finished 2-2-6-2-2-2-5 in the 7 Texas rounds.


Meanwhile, Chaney dropped from third to fifth as Hunter ran third for most of the race but then dropped to sixth. Later, he said he ran out of talent, and Chaney worked back up to third in the race but was fifth overall with a 5-3 day. Cody Miller stretched his Pro Turbo points lead to 23 over the consistent Chaney, and Hunter moved to within one point of Chaney with four rounds to go.

Ronnie Anderson was also hot in Pro NA 1000 action, as he won over rival Kainan Baker in the first heat and was leading the second when he lost 4WD.


In Pro NA 1000s, again there were not enough entries to split the first heat into waves. Kainan Baker put his trick RS1 into the early lead over Lucas Oil Off-Road 2020 Pro Stock champion Myles Cheek and Ronnie Anderson, both in RS1s. Anderson passed Cheek and set his sights on series-rival Baker. Despite setting his fastest lap of 02:26.654 on the fourth lap, Baker couldn’t hold off Anderson, who then turned a 02:24.953 at the white flag and won by 3.828 seconds over Baker with Cheek third.

Kainan Baker scored his fourth Pro NA win of the 2021 Texas Outlaw Series; look for his trick RS1s in the November issue of UTV Action Magazine.


In the longer second moto, Anderson shot into the lead ahead of Cheek and Koen Crawford (Yam) with Baker fourth. Anderson led through the halfway point of the nine-lap race but then blew his front diff and dropped to seventh. Baker sliced through the pack and into second, then he took over the lead when Anderson broke, and scored his fourth win of the season. Crawford was second in the race but was fourth overall with 6-2 scores. Cheek was third and second overall with a 3-3 score. Despite only having 2WD, Anderson fought back to fifth, which was good for third overall with a 1-5 score. Anderson kept the Pro NA 1000 points lead, but Baker gained 5 points and closed to within 5 points.

Luke Safrit won his fourth-consecutive NA 1000 Amateur overall of the series, and he leads series points by 43.


Texplex Park, Midlothian, TX

Turbo UTV Pros

1. Ronnie Anderson/Pol…2-1

2. Cody Miller/C-A…1-2

3. Cody Taylor/C-A…2-5

4. Hunter Miller/C-A…1-6

5. Kyle Chaney/C-A…5-3

6. Corbin Leaverton/Pol…4-4

7. Kory Willis/C-A…3-7

8. Jordon Berza/Pol…5-8

9. Coby Caraway/C-A…3-10

10. Adam Reed/C-A…6-9

N/A UTV Pros

1. Kainan Baker/Pol…2-1

2. Myles Cheek/Pol…3-3

3. Ronnie Anderson/Pol…1-5

4. Koen Crawford/Yam…6-2

5. Cross Kirchmeier/Hon…4-4

6. Shawn Hess/Hon…5-6

7. Curtis Kirchmeier/Hon…7-7

8. Jacob Gerken/Yam…DNS-DNS

9. Robert Stout/Yam…DNS-DNS

10. Collin Truett/Pol…DNS-DNS


After 7 of 10 rounds:

Turbo UTV Pros

1. Cody Miller/C-A…164/4

2. Kyle Chaney/C-A…141

3. Hunter Miller/C-A…140/2

4. Kory Willis/C-A107

5. Ronnie Anderson/Pol…99/1

N/A 1000 Pros

1. Ronnie Anderson/Pol…152/2

2. Kainan Baker/Pol…147/4

3. Cross Kirchmeier/Hon…136/1

4. Shawn Hess/Hon…110

5. Collin Truett/Pol…101


1. Midlothian, TX…PT C. Miller/C-A, PS R. Anderson/Pol

2. Midlothian, TX…PT C. Miller/C-A, PS R. Anderson/Pol

3. Midlothian, TX…PT H. Miller/C-A, PS K. Baker/Pol

4. Midlothian, TX…PT C. Miller/C-A, PS K. Baker/Pol

5. Midlothian, TX…PT H. Miller/C-A, PS K. Baker/Pol

6. Midlothian, TX…PT C. Miller/C-A, PS C. Kirchmeier/Hon

7. Midlothian, TX…PT R. Anderson/Pol, PS K. Baker/Pol

8. Sept. 25…Midlothian, TX

9. Oct. 16…Midlothian, TX

10. Nov. 6-7…Midlothian, TX


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