Dear Sarge,

I recently inherited a sweet Polaris RZR 570 from my cousin. It has almost new Bighorn 2.0’s and Bandit shocks. I love the straight line performance but in turns it wants to 3-wheel. And I am afraid I will roll her! I have tried all the recommended fixes including increasing pre-load and compression. It does help some but at the expense of ride quality. I really don’t know what I am missing here. Now I am thinking tire roll but I have seen other 570’s with Bighorns and no one seems to have my problem. So I am turning to you Sarge to show me what I am missing.

Larry Conway

Whitehall, Montana

Sorry for your loss, Private Corncob. While it was nice to be gifted a Zooter, you have to respect the limits of your 50-inch-wide machine and deal with what was done to it before you got it! RZR 570 3-WHEELING is common to all the 570’s when aftermarket piggyback shocks are installed. In the front, there is no problem. In the rear, there is an interference with the sway bar. Bandit knows this and installs a stiffer set of rear springs to offset the loss of the rear sway bar. FYI Boot, it does NOT! If you check, you will see the rear sway bar is removed. There is NO amount of shock tuning via preload, compression settings or spring swapping that will replace having a functioning rear sway bar. As I see it Boot, you should check to see if your cousin still has the rear sway bar and install it after changing your rear shocks back to stock (if he still has them) or install an aftermarket shock w/o the piggyback or install aftermarket shocks with remote reservoirs. That is the ONLY true solution to stopping 3-wheeling at speed in corners. Good luck with your search Boot. Dismissed!

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