Dear Sarge,

I have a 2021 Polaris RZR Pro XP with a problem. My machine has a rattling noise up front. The sound seems to appear when you are in 2 wheel drive mode and it tends to go away when in 4 wheel drive mode. My Dealer diagnosed the problem to be the front differential. And they replaced it under warranty. The problem is Sarge, the noise never went away! It still makes the rattling noise in 2 wheel drive mode. Can you diagnose my problem remotely so I can tell my Dealer what to look for?

Dan Harrison

Bozeman, Montana

Private Harry, Of course I can diagnose your RZR front end rattle remotely! However a plane ticket and a steak dinner makes me more effective! Laugh Boot!  The simple fix is stay in 4 wheel drive! Seriously, you are only in 4 wheel drive when the rear wheels are slipping anyway. But to actually solve this problem we have to look at the front end components. With the differential replaced (and we hope the Motor Pool installed a good unit), that component is now not the problem. The other item that moves up front is the propeller shaft which feeds engine power to the new differential. Is that shaft bent? A bent shaft will cause a noise, especially when it is not under load as when operating in 2 wheel drive mode. I would pull that front propeller shaft and check it for trueness. You may well find it is bent slightly. The front drive shafts and wheel bearings have been ignored because they most likely will not cause your rattle. Since noise bothers you, how about some extra PT overseen by some of our finest DI’s! Dismissed!

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