Dear Sarge,

I have a low mileage 2015 Polaris RZR XP 4 1000 I purchased it from a guy who gave up on it! It always threw misfire codes and no one could figure it out. I know that most times it is electrical or the drive belt slipping. Well, he replaced the ECU, wires, sparkplugs and the drive belt but the misfire code still shows up after a couple minutes of running. So, I purchased it in the hope of getting her running. I have rechecked everything he did, and more. I am thinking I have a lean condition because the plugs look white. I am guessing maybe low fuel rail pressure? However I can’t seem to find a fault code for low fuel rail pressure. The fuel pressure at prime is at 58 psi then immediately drops to 0 psi. That doesn’t seem right Sarge. Any ideas on these RZR FUEL PRESSURE PROBLEMS ?

Dennis Garcia

Las Vegas, Nevada


Yes Boot, I have ideas! One is recruits should stop purchasing broken Zooters thinking they can fix them on the cheap when no one else can! You can’t find a low fuel rail pressure fault code because THERE IS NONE! If you do have low fuel rail pressure the Zooter will throw any number of codes that are meaningless as it tries to understand something it was never programmed to understand. You have accidentally identified the problem when you stated “The fuel pressure at prime is at 58 psi then immediately drops to 0 psi.” Boot! The prime pressure should maintain. Therefore you either have a fuel leak somewhere but you should have seen it spraying or what I suspect is the o-ring in the fuel pump located between the pump’s output and the assembly housing is dislodged (or never installed correctly). That little o-ring can cause your prime pressure to leak away. You can either replace the fuel pump or disassemble your pump and fix it! Your choice Boot. You however don’t have a choice as to the 50 pushups ups you owe me! Dismissed!

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