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Changing the oil in our UTVs is something we have to do and it’s not an easy chore on some machines. On the Polaris RZR it can be quite a task, because the oil filter is in a spot that’s difficult to get to. Well, we were checking out some products at HMF and our eyebrows raised when we saw their oil filter relocation kit for RZRs. Whoa, we had to check that out.

Here’s the info they gave to us: 

Available in the kit or sold separately, the Oil Filter Adapter and Oil Filter Mount are both billet aluminum and can be used in your own oil filter kit.  The Oil-Filter-Relocation-Kit includes the Oil Filter Mount, Oil Filter Adapter, Gates® 3/8″ Hose, 3/8″ NPT fittings, and all mounting hardware.  Price — $172.95

  • Works with stock and larger capacity oil filters
  • Oil Filter Kit: Relocates stock oil filter
  • Oil Filter Kit: Quick and Easy Access to oil filter
  • Oil Filter Mount: Metric Size: 20mm x 1.5
  • Oil Filter Adapter: Accepts 3/8″ NPT Fittings (included in kit)
  • Oil Filter Adapter: O-Ring max diameter: 3-1/8″
  • Increases oil capacity


  • (14-18) Polaris® RZR® XP 900/1000, XP 4 900/1000
  • (14-18) Polaris® RZR® S 900/1000, S 4 900/1000
  • (16-18) Polaris® General

For more info> https://www.hmfracing.com/equipment/polaris-rzr-s-1000/oil-filter-relocation-kit-polaris-rzr-s-1000

Installation instructionshttps://www.hmfracing.com/equipment/polaris-rzr-s-1000/oil-filter-relocation-kit-polaris-rzr-s-1000/installation


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