Dear Sarge,

I have a RZR 900 EPS that I purchased from a neighbor before they moved. I thought I got a great deal seeing as new RZR’s are so hard to find. I am new to UTV’s coming from ATV’s but with a wife who feels safer inside a cage, I had to go with a UTV. There seems to be some kind of fluid leak near the steering column, so I thought I needed to check the power steering fluid. But I can’t seem to find the reservoir. The owners manual doesn’t even list where this reservoir is, so I have RZR power steering questions. Since I have been reading 3 & 4 Wheel Action and then UTV Action for years, I thought I would write in and ask for the location of the reservoir.

Darrin Farnsworth

Pineville, Missouri

Pvt. Farthing,

You are pulling Sarge’s leg here…..Right?? If you truly didn’t know than you came to the right place for the right answer! There isn’t a reservoir for the power steering. Look at the name of your Zooter, RZR 900 EPS. Care to guess what the EPS stands for? Electric Power Steering! An electric motor powers you’re steering. There are reasons Zooters and many new autos and trucks are going to EPS. EPS reduces the amount of weight in a vehicle. The EPS system doesn’t use power from the engine as a hydraulic system does. It will draw power from the alternator, necessitating a more robust charging system that does draw down engine power. There are no free lunches here Boot! Overall, the EPS power steering system is simpler and more efficient than the hydraulic system. Since you need some tutelage on Zooters, I strongly suggest you download the Factory Service Manual here: https://www.manualslib.com/products/Polaris-Rzr-900-Eps-Trail-4196184.html. And there will be a test! Laugh Boot! Dismissed!

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