Dear Sarge,

I have a 2019 Polaris RZR 900S that I picked up as a left over last fall. I always wanted to rock crawl because I live near Moab. People have told me the “little” 900 S just can’t cut it! So I decided to prove them wrong. I started with Factory UTV for full underbody protection. I also read where if you remove the fender flairs and install 50 inch RZR 900 fender flares, that I could install 30” tires. I have a Dalton clutch with the orange rock crawling spring. I am running 14” STI HD5’s with Pro Armor Crawler XG tires. I also installed a Polaris 4500lb. winch. What I am thinking Sarge is a turbo kit. I can add 30 hp to my puny 75 hp because I see all the 1000’s out there with +100 hp and I feel outclassed! What do you think of my plan?

Larry Horrath

Green River, Utah

Private Horrible, horsepower is not everything in rock crawling! It isn’t even the 1st or 2nd thing I think about! Your choice of the 900 S is good because it has a-arm rear suspension which is better in the rocks than trailing arms. You definitely need a rock crawling clutch kit because the 900 S’s low range was raised a bit too tall for my liking but a properly set up clutch can mitigate the tall low range to an extent. I would seriously consider an aftermarket cage over a turbo kit. You will most likely use the cage more than the turbo! Laugh Boot! Your 75 crank horsepower, 47 rear wheel horsepower (RWHP) is plenty to carry you most anywhere in Moab. Too much horsepower and an improperly set up clutch will just produce unwanted tire spin that can slide you sideways off a rock into winching territory or you could be testing that roll cage of yours! Laugh again Boot! Talk to other experienced Zooter owners when you are out crawling and they will tell you horsepower ain’t the end all, be all, of RZR ROCK CRAWLING UPGRADES  ! On your face Boot and count off 47, one for every RWHP your “outclassed” Zooter has! Dismissed!

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