Dear Sarge,

Way back in 2017, your magazine did a story on the (then) new RZR S 570. Loved the story and after purchasing the 1st one at our local Dealer, we love it too. Recently my son hit a rock just right and bent the left front brake disc. Now normally this is a simple repair, remove the wheel and gain access to the brake disc. Replace the brake disc. Well, one of our wheel studs is spinning in the hub making it impossible to get the wheel off the machine. So there it sets on blocks awaiting a solution. My son said you would make him do pushups after delivering the solution to our RZR wheel stud trouble. That’s fine with me!

Dennis and Shaun McNamara

Lewiston, Idaho

If you are fine with pushups, so am I! Laugh Boot! First method: Turn the steering wheel hard left to gain access and use a radial grinder to grind off the head of the stud. Then either replace the hub or weld a nut on the back of a new stud by filling the center in with a stick welder and use an offset box wrench to hold the stud when tightening the lug nut. Second method: weld a nut on the existing stud and use an offset box wrench to hold the stud while backing off the lug nut. I will let you decide just how many pushups are required to make your Zooter whole again. Dismissed!

See UTV Action’s full test on the RZR S 570 here: POLARIS RZR S 570 – UTV Action Magazine

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