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CT RACING has been building fast engines dating back to the days of three-wheelers. They then became the masters of getting more power from quads too. Today, they are still the hop-up shop to check out if you want to make your ATV faster. However, CT Racing has also become the experts on building fast UTVs too. They offer the Polaris RZR owner with many options on increasing the performance of his (or her) machine.

One of CT’s kits that makes a lot of sense, increases the cylinder bore and displacement. It offers a bore of 98mm versus the stock bore’s 93mm, which increases engine size from 1000cc to around 1100cc. To become that large they provide their own cast aluminum cylinder to replace the stocker. A new heavy duty crankshaft is required to handle the extra power. Below is CT’s description of their big bore cylinder and Hot Rods crank kits.

RZR XP1000 Vertex Piston Kit and Big Bore Cylinder Kit 98mm 10.5:1

  • New cast aluminum 98mm BIG bore cylinder
  • Comes with a Forged Vertex piston kit. Kit includes piston rings, wrist pin and circlips
  • Comes with a top end gasket kit, that includes head gasket, base gasket, cam chain tensioner gasket and exhaust gasket
  • Cylinder is machined and nickel silicon carbide plated in USA

Please Note: Requires use of heavy duty aftermarket connecting rods. Hot Rods part# EC-HR-8708 or crankshaft part# EC-HR-4421 Bolt on and go! We also offer CP Rods part# EC-CP-8708

Price: $1,016.56

RZR XP1000 Hot Rods Crankshaft

Hot Rods has grown to become the world’s largest supplier of O.E.M. replacement crankshafts and performance gaining stroker crankshafts. We rely on Hot Rods for most of our complete crank replacements.

  • All new RZR XP1000 Hot Rods Crankshaft assembly sold complete with Hot Rods connecting rod or without.
  • The Hot Rods complete crankshaft includes their famed connecting rod; durability at a level O.E.M. rods can only dream of.
  • Hot Rods cranks will meet or surpass the O.E.M. in performance.
  • Hot Rods makes installing the complete crankshaft simple and easy.
  • Crankshaft is completely rebuild-able with genuine Hot Rods connecting rods.
  • Note: Crank main bearings and seals sold separately.
  • Note: Only fits RZR XP1000, not RZR Turbo 1000.
Price: $595.95

CT Racing also sells stock size piston kits for a much lower price as well as other parts for the RZR. They also offer performance items for other brand UTVs too. For more info> http://ctracing.net/site/

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