If you’re looking for sand-drag racing competition for your UTV, check out the General Tire Sand Outlaw Series, started last year by NASCAR Sprint Cup star Greg Biffle and other UTV racing enthusiasts. The 2020 schedule includes six races to be held at Glamis Dunes, California; Sand Mountain, Utah; St. Anthony Dunes, Idaho; and the Oregon Dunes in Winchester Bay, Oregon.

Evolution Powersports Can-Ams raced to claim a complete first-, second- and third-podium sweep in the Mod Turbo class.

Depending on the location, races are either 300-foot flat-track drags or hill-shoot competitions, and are conducted using NHRA-type computerized starting light and timing systems. Classes include Outlaw, Mod Turbo and Stock Turbo classes. This year’s racing includes a points championship, with cash for the top-10 points leaders in each class at the end of the season.

The last round of 2020 will be held at Glamis; however, it’ll be held on the hill, not this flat course that was ran at round one.

At round three of the series, a 300-foot flat drag-strip race was to be part of the Reedsport/Winchester Bay Chamber of Commerce’s annual Dunefest event in the Oregon Dunes. However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the normally huge Dunefest event was canceled. The good news is, when Dunefest and Chamber Director Jody Morrow noted that very few Dunefest attendees had canceled their sand-dunes camping reservations, she and the Reedsport Chamber of Commerce decided to go ahead with the Sand Outlaw race as a smaller event on July 25 to the delight of thousands of duners. For more information and rules and regulations, visit Sand Outlaw Series on Facebook or see

Local Oregonian Gee Armstrong’s Florence Motorsports/Alba Racing Yamaha YXZ 1000R SS highlighted the Stock Turbo-class rounds, dominating the race until the final round when he was disqualified for hitting the rev limiter, launching an infraction of Stock-class rules.


March 7 Glamis, CA (flat)

May 2 Sand Mountain/Little Sahara,

UT (hill)

July 24/25 Oregon (flat)

September 5 St. Anthony, Idaho (hill)

October 3 Sand Mountain/

Little Sahara, UT (hill)

November TBD Glamis, CA (hill)


Stock Turbo Class:

FIRST: Dan Picht #3006/CAN

SECOND: Robert Barker #26/CAN

THIRD: Taylor Starr #66/YAM

Mod Turbo Class:

FIRST: Dan Picht #357/CAN

SECOND: Brandon Ristau #6969/CAN

THIRD: Conrad Garza #77/CAN

Outlaw Class:

FIRST: Scott Hughes #12/POL

SECOND: Jeremy Herron #2/YAM

THIRD: Jason Wolf #007/POL

2020’s schedule is on page 86. Expect 2021 to be similar to both dates and venues.

Dunefest is scheduled to return in 2021. For more information, visit Dunefest Event on Facebook or

See UTV Action’s complete Sand Tire Guide Here:

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