Dear Sarge,

Among our riding group, consisting of RZR 900’s and 1000’s, with paddle tires, there has been a lively discussion of the pros and cons of oversize driveshafts vs cut down. The theory I heard was the larger diameter drive shaft transfers shock loads to the CV joints causing the inner CV joint failures we are seeing at Nellis Dunes. Sarge, what is your take on this discussion.

Jonathan Nugent

Las Vegas, Nevada

Private Nugget, there are several reasons why you are seeing inner CV joint failures and the larger diameter axle shafts are just one reason. The straight, heavy duty axle shafts do not twist like the cut down,  factory style, axles. This axle twist, like a torsion bar, takes up some of the shock that would be transferred to the CV joints.Full diameter axles do not twist as much and that increased shock is transferred directly into the CV joint. And if that shock is sent at the same time as the suspension is completely unloaded, causing the CV joint to be at its greatest angle, with the power on, the CV joint can break.

My advice is to look at Summers Bros 300M axles and 570 CV joints ( And I would recommend a synthetic CV joint grease. Then we need to address the CV joints operating at their maximum operating angle. The desert trucks and sand buggies have been using suspension straps to prevent full extension when the wheel is completely unloaded while airborne. Check out for their PRP Limit Straps ( They come in 1” increments to custom fit your Zooter to prevent over extension of the CV Joints. Good question Boot! 25 pushups! Dismissed!

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