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July 6, 2017
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Dear Sarge,

I have heard you recommend moving the radiator of a UTV to behind the driver for extremely muddy conditions and I understand why. Why don’t you like the re-location kits that place the radiator up on top of the front hood? It’s just I don’t have access to a shop or many tools to attempt to accomplish such a mechanical feat. Are there complete bolt-on kits for the mechanically challenged?

Dennis Waterman, Cleveland, Ohio

Private Waterworks, at least you understand that you are mechanically challenged and are asking for help. I see so many recruits just jump in with both feet and only ask for help after they have damaged hundreds of dollars of equipment and they expect me to save them! I don’t want to relocate the radiator to the top of the front hood for 2 reasons. 1.Roll over damage. 2. The hood-mounted radiator can reduce the driver’s view right in front of the Zooter. It would have made my job just a bit easier if you had told Sarge just what Zooter you needed the relocation kit for!

If you ride a RZR 1000 then contact ABF Fabrication ((817)366-6110, or https://abffabrication.com/shop/polaris-rzr-xp-1000-radiator-relocation-kit/). For the Can-Am Maverick 1000, contact Pines Power Sport Marine (They have 3 locations so use their Contact Us page @https://www.pinespsm.com/contactus.htm ). For the Yamaha Rhino,contact Wild Boar ATV Parts ( 850-912-4350 or https://www.wildboaratvparts.com/wild-boar-radiator-relocation-kit-for-the-rhino-700/). These were the only “kits” that I could find. There may be some shops that have done custom re-locates that I am not aware of. Take all this valuable information Boot and after your 10 mile hike, in full riding gear, you should have the answer of what to do. Dismissed!

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