Inside the Teixeira #184 Turbo RR


Scott Champion, son of MidAmerica Outdoors short-course race director Billy Champion, tied 2021 MAO Pro Turbo Champion Cody Martin in points but lost the tiebreaker. Champion won the first Pro Turbo 2022 round and was third at the second round, so he leads the points going into the third round. We got a chance to do a deep dive into Champion’s Partzilla-sponsored, S3-built X3 Turbo RR at MAO’s second round.

Teixeira Tech’s 72-inch, high-clearance A-arms and trailing arms provide extra tracking and strength without adding a lot of weight, and Hess billet-aluminum knuckles on all four corners also arm the X3 suspension.



Starting around the Hess Motorsports X3 Radiator Relocate Kit ($1150), which includes a CBR dual-core radiator, mounting brackets, hoses, clamps, overflow bottle, dual fans and override switch, S3 Powersports fabricated the cage ($995) with integral rear bumper, roof, frame cross-braces, and door skins. S3’s front gusset kit ($345) re-enforces A-arm mounts and braces the diff. A bolt-on, heavy-duty steel front bulkhead ($289), chassis weld-in gusset kit ($259), and X3 transmission brace $145) beef up the chassis and tie the front together for racing. Scott also runs the S3 front shock tower brace ($345) that converts the upper shock mounts to double shear without having to cut plastic or flip the reservoirs outward. S3’s nerf bars are mandatory for close racing, and the race build also incorporates E2R’s X3 torsion bar, which Scott runs on the second hardest of four link-mount positions.

EVP and HMF Racing supply added power with EVP’s bille- aluminum intake plenum, charge tube and waste gate, also adding durability. E2R shock tuning with ZBroz springs and E2R’s adjustable torsion bar ($650) tune suspension and handling for MAO.


Teixeira Tech’s 72-inch X3 A-arm kit ($1,299.95) adds strength without added weight with 1.5-inch 4130 chromoly tubing and sheet-metal gussets, and the pivot sleeves are heat-treated for strength. Delrin bushings have O-ring seals, and the ball-joint cups are oversized. The high-clearance A-arms also improve steering geometry. Teixeira also has new X3 NXT LVL A-arms with boxed uppers and more adjustable lowers for $2,499.95, but you must use aftermarket knuckles. Teixeira’s X3, 72-inch, short-course trailing arms ($2,649.95) are designed for more corner entry and exit traction and for extra ground clearance and strength without adding unnecessary weight. They’re constructed of 4130 sheet metal with internal ribs and gussets, and have 3/4-inch front spherical bearings, industry-first built-in CV boot guards, threaded bungs for wheel scrapers, and heat-treated 17-4 misalignment spacers.

S3 Powersports did the build around Hess Motorsports’ X3 radiator relocate kit. Hess’ latest X3 radiator relocate kit has a three-fan radiator kit for $1400, and the Hess quick-release 2.5-pound extinguisher is $275.



Scott also arms his X3 with Hess X3 front and rear billet-aluminum knuckles. Hess’ front knuckle-bearing carriers are $1100 each and convert the lower A-arm mounts to double shear. Hess’ bearing cartridge knuckles eliminate the weak OEM bearing snap rings and use threaded cartridges to change out bearings without removing the knuckle, which saves a lot of time. They are made from aircraft-grade billet aluminum with extra material in critical stress areas and then hard-anodized for durability. Pairs come with a cartridge tool. Rear Hess X3 knuckles ($750 each) are also designed to eliminate the stock X3 knuckle’s weak bearing snap ring and middle toe link with the Hess bearing cartridge and double-shear toe-link mount. The Hess knuckles are mated with Keller ball joints up front.

Aim, Razorback, Hess, NRG Innovations and Sabelt arm SCOTT CHAMPION’S MAO X3 for battle and downloading data afterwards.


Champion uses a Hess steering quickener. They are available in 2:1 or 1.5:1 ratios to greatly enhance short-course cornering for $700. The housing is made of 6061 billet-aluminum, and the 1.5 provides full-lock turning with one turn on the steering wheel. The V2 quickener has improved internal bearings and bushings for more effortless steering and comes with a jointed shaft that connects with the EPS unit. They are built to use a stock steering wheel or Hess quick-release wheel, and Scott uses a Hess flat wheel ($90) with an NRG quick-release hub.

Hess’ front knuckle with cartridge bearing is $800, and the new front knuckle with lower double-shear mount is $1100. Hess also has the X3 Keller heavy-duty ball joints for $533.96 a set. Heavy-duty tie-rods are by Demon.



SCOTT CHAMPION’S MAO X3 uses Demon Powersports X-Treme axles and tie-rods, and Alsup Racing Development does the Smart-Lok front diff mods. E2R tunes the Fox Podium RC2 shocks with Z-Broz shock springs. Scott races MAO with Hoosier 30×10.0-15 Bites with the M500 compound on Raceline Ryno beadlock wheels ($65 each), but he practices with MRT Rally Snakes. He runs plastic wheel guards that attach via beadlock bolts. RokBlox flaps protect the rear brakes, wheels and axles, and the front bumper is by Kryptik.

Boxed Teixiera trailing arms add a lot of strength with internal ribbing and CV boot guards, and Hess billet knuckles add a lot of material and strength for $1500 a pair.



Evolution Powersports does the race tune for Ignite E85 ethanol fuel, and Champion also uses EVP’s billet-aluminum intake plenum, charge tube and waste gate. HMF Racing’s Titan SS exhaust adds power and shaves weight for $1,019.95. Power is supplied by an Antigravity battery and SwitchPro SP900 panel system.

Scott uses a Sabelt Racing seat with head and shoulder restraints, and he straps in a Sabelt, five-point harness. The wheels come with an NRG quick-connect hub and suede D-shaped steering wheel. An AIM MX-UTV digital readout provides lap times and other race info, and a Razorback CVT temp gauge rides below the AIM unit. His controls also include a Hess power-steering override switch and EVP Launch switch. RaceQuip side nets and a full-width wire mesh keep roosted rocks out of the cockpit.



Alsup Racing Development

13402 Blodget Ave.

Bakersfield, CA 93314

(661) 487-2303

Double EE Racing

29888 DuBois Rd.

Holden, LA 70744

(985) 507-3307

Hess Motorsports

202 N. Mesquite St.

Muenster, TX 76252

(940) 759-4597

HMF Engineering

5111 West 164th St.

Brookpark, OH 44142

(216) 631-6980

S3 Powersports

1918 Barton Dr.

Shreveport, LA 71107

(855) 221-7097

Teixeira Technologies

20895 Reeves Rd.

Tracy, CA 95304

(209) 833-9160

[email protected]

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