Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you! Well, we know what words you will be screaming if a stick or rock punctures your CV boot and sprays grease all over your car—or ruins a CV and leaves you stranded on the trail. CV Savers can help keep the swearing under control.

We let this CV cover ride on the back of the machine during a 50-mile ride. It stayed in place, and we can tell by a few marks on the cover that it did a bit of deflection and protection during the ride.


The SealSavers Pro Series CV Cover is a custom-shaped piece of neoprene that wraps around nearly any UTV CV joint, adding extra protection to prevent debris from entering a ripped, stock CV boot.


The neoprene material has a fan shape, so it wraps around your CV joint correctly and attaches with Velcro. Large zip-ties are also provided to secure them even further. In the past, we have used everything from rags to a T-shirt and duct tape as a band-aid to solve this issue.


This latest-generation cover and fastener system fits more CVs than before. Now the cover will fit cars with less clearance in the CV area, such as the outside rear of RZRs. The Velcro system holds securely, even if you can’t use the zip-ties. In our fleet, we could use the covers on most machines. The outer rear CVs on most machines were the toughest, but with some skinny hands we made it happen.


After calling on the SealSavers a few times over the summer, we have nothing but great things to say about the product. The pair we have fit a wide size range, from smaller CVs like on the YXZ to the huge CV you find on the Honda Talon. For emergency use, the SealSavers CV covers are a no-brainer. Anything that can keep you on the trail is a winner in our book.

CONTACT:; (951) 757-0458

RATING: ★★★★

PRICE: $39.95 a pair

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