Sector Seven Fire Extinguisher Mount

WHAT IT IS: Sector Seven Fire Extinguisher Mount

The Sector Seven Fire Extinguisher Mount is a system to mount and deploy many 3-inch fire extinguishers. You could also use the mount to carry a CO2 cylinder or another 3-inch round object. Furthermore, the adjustable mount allows you to attach the product to any roll cage from 1.25–2 inches. This is huge for us, as we jump from vehicle to vehicle often, and it’s great to always have an extinguisher on every ride. The mount is $229.95. The extinguisher is sold separately.

Sector Seven Fire Extinguisher Mount
To deploy, you have to move a small tab within the main button, then press the larger button with the same thumb or finger.


What makes this unique from other mounts is that the extinguisher can be deployed and carried with one hand. Most extinguishers force you to grab them with one hand, then pull a pin with the other to release it from the vehicle. With the Sector Seven product, all you have to do is wrap your fingers around the cylinder of the extinguisher; then, with your thumb, press the release button and lift the extinguisher.


Having a tool as important as a fire extinguisher on your rig is one thing. Being able to deploy it quickly is another. With the Sector Seven billet aluminum mount, you can get at and use your extinguisher fast. There are plenty of extinguisher mounts to choose from in all price ranges. If having one that looks cool and works better than the others is your priority, this is the mount for you.

CONTACT:, (866) 466-4762

RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $229.95

See UTV Action’s test on Assault Industries’ fire extinguisher kit here:

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