Sector Seven may be a new name in the UTV game, but the company is no stranger to building innovative powersports products. Their parent company, Pro Moto Billet, has been making billet cargo racks, kickstands and footpegs for dirt bikes for decades now. Furthermore, a company they acquired in 2006—Fastway—has built ATV products such as steering stabilizers. The Sector Seven Polaris Pro XP project machine showcases their latest UTV products.

Owner Lynn Hodges started a company called Pro Moto Billet decades ago to build parts for the dual-sport dirt bike market. He has some of the most innovative and popular parts in that industry. If history repeats itself, Sector Seven will make a name for itself in the UTV industry as well.
The $799 Spectrum lighted mirrors put Sector Seven on the map in the UTV game. Made from 6061 aluminum with bolt-on accent plates, you can color-match them to your car. For viewing out back, they feature a convex mirror, and to see up front in the dark, 12 LEDs can be covered with an amber lens or left bright white.
Our photo shoot with Sector Seven was the debut of their newest product. The billet sway bar end links are available in a black or raw finish. They are sold in pairs starting at $599.99. Get all Sector Seven products by calling (866)466-4762. Tell them you saw their products in UTV Action magazine.
TMW supplied the honeycomb grill ($149), as well as the Dominator doors ($799) and winch bumper ($475). The wrap with Topo theme was printed by Taylor’d Industries for $1800.
This is one of the only fire extinguisher mounts that lets you deploy the bottle completely with one hand. The Rapid Release fire-extinguisher mount sells for $229. The mount can be used for CO2 tanks and other items.

See UTV Action’s full product evaluation on this mount here: Sector Seven Fire Extinguisher Mount | UTV Action Magazine

To find a wheel that looked as good as the rest of this car, the Sector Seven team turned to Metal FX for their Off-Road Assassin beadlocks. A set of five retail for $3400.
Sector Seven’s multi-axis whip mount can be mounted on nearly any tube and adjusted to stand straight up. The whip mounts cost $99 each.
The dual-sport long-travel suspension kit is from HCR, sells for $6499, and uses Turbo S axles and hubs. Thirty-two-inch Maxxis Liberty tires were the perfect choice for our photo shoot at the King of the Hammers venue in Johnson Valley, California.
The OEM replacement roll cage is from Vent Racing, as is the light bar up front. Both added up to $2875 on this build. A PCI Race Radios Boost RaceAir pumper ($399) was installed in the cabin, along with a Maglock RaceAir kit ($379.90).
The wider suspension arms in the rear called for longer radius rods. To keep with the billet theme, this build features beautiful high-clearance radius rods from HCR. After initial testing, the stock springs were tossed out in exchange for Eibach springs, making the Pro XP ride how it should. A Mac’s Y-strap held the spare tire in place.

As for the UTV customers, Sector Seven has a half-dozen parts available now, with dozens more coming down the pipeline. Sector Seven’s decked-out Polaris RZR Pro XP that we photographed at the King of the Hammers is a beautiful show car to highlight those Sector Seven parts, as well as a few more from a couple of other well-known brands in the industry. Contact Sector Seven here: Off-Road LED Lights | UTV Mirror Lights (

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