This month we tested the 32×10-15 Sedona Rock-A-Billy tire on Can-Am’s 195-horsepower Maverick X3 X rs Turbo rr. The tire is an all terrain eight-ply radial with a light-truck look and weighs 37 pounds. Each tire has a load rating of 785 pounds (at 8 psi) and a retail price of $234.95. You can get them at any Western Powersports dealer.

The stepped knobbies flex to grip rock and hard-packed dirt at slow speeds. We ended up liking 10 psi if we were driving the tires slowly all day. They gripped like glue and didn’t show any signs of wear at the end of the ride.


The tread has a raised crown in the center with sharp angles on the outer carcass edge and lots of stepped knobbies. Other sizes available include 26×9-12, 26×11-12, 28×10-14, 30×10-14, and 32×10-14, with prices starting at $169.95.

On graded forest roads and in dry desert terrain, the Rock-A-Billys hook up like you’re driving on sandpaper. We feel sorry for anyone sucking roost from behind this car.


This tire was exactly what we were looking for to tame the performance of the X3. With nearly 200 ponies on tap, the stock tires spin uncontrollably at times. Unless you are driving in deep sand, when you stab the throttle, the stock tires just spin. The Rock-A-Billys had the traction to make this car accelerate and launch forward. When you are hard on the gas, the tires grip and put every knobby to work; however, on hard-packed roads, the unique, raised crown contributed to superlight steering and less drag at high speeds.

In the rocks, we lowered the psi from 16 to 10, and the tires turned into glue. They gripped and clawed over slick rock or loose, sandy ledges. We were pleasantly surprised they didn’t wear too fast at this pressure, as some other tires do.


While we didn’t get a chance to use the Rock-A-Billy tire in the mud, the stepped knobby is designed to prevent mud from packing up, and it did eject rocks in the dry dirt. In the variety of terrain we tested in, the Rock-A-Billys were flawless. On graded, forest roads, they turned, stopped and accelerated like we were driving on sandpaper. Our magic psi setting there was 14. In the rocks, 10 psi provided the perfect amount of flex and grip, while in the sand and desert, 18 psi gave us as much or more traction than any tire we’ve tested without a bunch of added rotating weight. For a car of this size and power, it’s the perfect match.


RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $234.95

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