In a teaser video very reminiscent of Kawasaki’s Teryx KRX1000 video, Segway is letting the world know they will be unveiling possibly 2 new Hybrid UTVs, and an ATV at Italy’s International Motorcycle show (EICMA) and an electric dirt bike in Las Vegas At the SEMA Show this November 5th.

 Since the word Hybrid has never formally been used in the promotion of a UTV before, we are excited to know more. While the teaser only shows a single seat ATV, it’s no inconceivable for them to be working on a UTV as well.

Courtesy image.

 For decades now Segway has been perfecting their electric, personal transport vehicles along with developing new ideas like electric shoes, scooters and other hover board type products.  Will their “Segway” into power sports be as comedic as Mall Cop or a run away success? Only time will tell.

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