Along with a bunch of new electric scooters and bicycles, Segway brought out the Super Villain Hybrid UTV to the 2024 Consumer Electronics (CES) show in Las Vegas. It’s the first time the U.S. audience was able to see it in person. The two models we saw were prototypes but they looked almost ready for production. It will be interesting to see how hybrid technology helps performance in the dirt. We should have a complete test of both machines by the end of the year.

Exact MSRP’s have not been set yet, but we’ve been told to expect the numbers to be around $30,000 for the non Hybrid Turbo model, and $40,000 for the Electric Hybrid/Gas w/ Turbo machine.

More details of the all new Segway Super Villain can be found in previous UTV Action articles.

The turbo charged gas engine is a massive 2000cc and is built by Segway
The electric motor sits next to the gas engine and provides an additional power boost, when the throttle position sensor thinks you want it.
Massive A-arms control just over 20 inches of wheel travel.
Rebound (Left) and Hi/Low speed adjusters provide control inside along with crossover rings outside.
Lots of room is found in the two seat cockpit. The public should be able to drive and purchase the new Super Villain by the end of 2024.


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