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All new UTV owners have questions or problems. Some are new to a brand and more are brand new to the sport in general. Knowing how a particular machine holds up is important.  We have gathered a list of parts that your machine needs to make it stronger and more user-friendly. Keep posted as we will add to this list.

The Can-Am X3 is an awesome car right out of the box, however it’s not perfect. The Rotax power plant and Fox Shox are so good, the chassis has trouble keeping up. There are a few critical areas that need immediate attention if you are doing anything more than tame trail riding.

For this article, Assault Industries takes care of the first five fixes. You can order each product through or call them directly at  (714) 799-6711.


Up front, the A-arm mounting points as well as the top shock mounts need bracing. Assault Industries developed a complete Front Structural Reinforcement Kit that fits all X3 models. The laser cut chromoly steel brace supplies a true double shear mounting point for these critical areas. It’s a complete DIY, bolt on, you can install in a couple hours. It works with stock or aftermarket arms and shocks. Do yourself a favor and install this kit before it’s too late. Price: $349.99


One of the first issues Can-Am’s own race teams discovered about the X3 was that the center, outside radius rod bolt would come loose. Again, this is a situation where the rod is not mounted with double shear plates. Assault came up with a fix called Radius Rod Double Shear Bracket Kit that easily cures the problem. We installed this kit before prerunning the Baja 500 and took an XDS model down south that was otherwise completely stock (tires too) and ran the whole course without any issues. This kit will work with OEM, Assault or most other brand radius rods. Price $99.99.


Speaking of radius rods, any car that has them, needs an upgrade. It’s the weak link in your suspension system. Unfortunately any hard side load hit will bend them. If they bend without you noticing, it can take out your trailing arm and then your shock. That’s when it gets expensive. a $550 set of radius rods from Assault or any builder can save you thousands down the road. Not only are the Assault Barrel ($529.99) and Turret ($559.99) style rods beautiful, they are made of hard anodized, high grade machined aluminum and completely adjustable to align the rear of your car better than factory.


To secure all six radius rods to the chassis the best way possible, Assault came up with the $159.99 Heavy Duty Rear Chassis Brace. It’s made from 1018 laser cut steel, provides double shear mounting and comes in red, blue, raw or yellow. Not only does it secure the radius rods better, it protects this section of the frame and provides attachment points for tie downs during transportation.


Finally, inside the cockpit, The gated shifter in the center console area needs attention. The stock shifter works well but the soft plastic that makes up the shift gate guide wears out quick and looks shabby after a few rides. Assault’s, stainless steel and aluminum, Shifter Gate Panel Kit ($75) is precision laser cut and will cover damage or prevent it. Raw, red, blue, black or yellow colors are available.


Under the car, you will notice that the stock skid plate is riveted on. While this installation process may be fine on the assembly line, it is completely impractical for offload use. Your skid plate needs to be easily removable for inspection and maintenance. To get your stock skid plate off you have to split the rivets from the side with a punch or large screwdriver. Then install the Rivet To Bolt Replacement Kit  from Warranty Killer Performance. For $119.99, the kit comes with the exact hardware needed to easily remove and replace your skid plate anytime anywhere. WKP has a bunch more X3 fixes at or call (318) 670-3366.


At the rear of the car, mud flaps like these from Rokblokz are a must with any high performance UTV. While they only slightly stop mud from hitting anything on your car, they do prevent rocks that fly off the front tires from wedging themselves between the rear wheel and brake caliper, causing a flat or other major damage. Two versions of the Mud Flap Kit are offered for only $109 and available in a variety of colors. Order at

If you are not using RokBlokz and lucky enough to feel a rock that has wedged itself between a brake caliper and your rear wheel, this is what you will see. If not, the rock can easily puncture a unrepairable hole in the rim. Yet another reason to carry a spare tire.

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