The top performance UTVs come stock with very sophisticated shocks with multiple adjustments. However, that doesn’t mean they provide the perfect ride for everyone in all conditions. Even with these high-quality shocks, their success comes down to the particular rebound and compression valving they have inside. Does the factory always get it right? Not according to the folks at Shock Therapy. They specialize in tuning the suspension of UTVs to offer the best ride possible, and Yamaha’s YXZ1000R SS is a machine they’ve spent some time with in that regard. Instead of bolting on new shocks, they tested different valving set ups of the stock shocks. Their S749.95 shock mods are an affordable way to improve your YXZ. Or you can go one more step and get their dual rate spring kit with the shock mods for $1,349.90

Here is what Shock Therapy wants you to know about their Ride Improvement System for the YXZ RSS with X2 shocks:

Yamaha’s first sport UTV in many years, the YXZ has many great features. Powerful three cylinder engine, sequential gear box and roomy interior are just a few. But, the suspension falls short. When Yamaha came out with the RSS model including Fox X2 bypass shocks we were excited to feel the new improved ride.  After testing our RSS we felt that the ride in the small chop was nice but the whoops and G outs had an almost uncontrollable rebound extension. This made the rear high on almost every whoop, jump and landing recovery. Also, the car is continually moving in a boaty motion which is indicative of too much low speed compression flow but even slowing that down with the adjusters can’t stop all of it.  Last, we feel that the rear anti sway bar is too stiff, partly because it needs to control the rear body roll as well as the front body roll. But you may say “it has a front sway bar too”. Yes it does but it is so small that it’s affect on the car is almost not measurable. This creates a situation where entering the corner too fast will cause the car to dive on the front corner and pick up the rear inside tire at the same time. We had our work cut out for us with the suspension on the RSS.

First thing we dove into were the shocks. After valving, considerable internal modifications including bypass tube port changes and machine work we were able to get a great amount of PLUSH ride quality back into the RSS without gaining that boaty feel. The rear rebound is controllable and very adjustable.  Your drive-ability through the whoops and rough is much more smooth, stable and controllable. Adjust-ability is still in the shocks and you can tune a huge bump stage into the system so bottoming out on big jumps and G outs are a thing of the past.

The next thing we turned our attention to were the factory springs. A large portion of the stiffness and rear bucking are in the springs. We immediately designed a Dual Rate Spring kit that helps these problem areas tremendously. The spring kit by itself is a huge improvement on the car but if you combine it with internal shock work, the changes are seriously impressive.

The last item we worked on were the sway bars. We designed an adjustable rear and front sway bar that uses a stiffer front bar that actually controls the front body roll. Unlike the factory sway bar that doesn’t do too much. Once the front end is managed, we were able to use a lighter rear sway bar that is adjustable as well. This creates a perfectly balanced system in the corners. If you carry too much speed into the corner, there is no front corner dive and the rear tire does not get picked up off the ground like the factory system. This balance allows you to carry way more corner speed while still keeping the car in control and the power to the ground. Combine your stable cornering with a plush ride, smooth whoops and no bucking in the rear and you get a perfect handling YXZ. It does what you expect it to. It reacts the way you need it to. All the while not beating you up over every rock. Your friends will be jealous of the speeds you can keep. Your wife will be impressed with the ride quality. Don’t wait, get the performance your YXZ deserves today.

The front anti sway bar IS available NOW. The rear anti sway bars are not available yet. Coming very soon, check back with us.

RIS stage 1 (internal shock mods and valving)….$749.95

RIS stage 2 (internal shock mods and Dual Rate Spring kit)…$1,349.90

RIS stage 3 (shock work, springs, rear sway bar)…No pricing yet

RIS stage 4 (shock work, springs, rear and front sway bar)…No pricing yet

These stages can be done in any order you like, call us for special set ups.

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