We strive to promote safety in ATV Action (and UTV Action), so all test drivers and passengers always wear helmets. However, if you’re not racing your UTV, a full-face helmet is a bit too much coverage and actually limits vision when compared to an open-faced helmet. So, we secured a couple of Shoei’s latest and greatest open-faced helmets, the RJ Platinum-R, for testing and protecting our gourds.

THE PRODUCT: Shoei’s new Platinum-R is the latest version of the RJ line, which was launched in 1985. The Platinum-R “combines incredible comfort with the very latest in safety and performance technology,� and it features removable and washable interior lining, adjustable front and rear venting, liner venting, and an aerodynamic shell with spoiler and three-snap visor mounting for aftermarket shields.

CONSTRUCTION: Shoei’s proprietary AIM+ technology goes into the shell, which is DOT/Snell (M2005) approved. This process combines fiberglass with organic fibers that’re so strong that they can only be cut with a laser. The end result is a stronger, lighter shell that will absorb and distribute the force of an impact safely and efficiently. The Dual EPS, 3D liner is designed to be soft and shock-absorbant, and it features a flow-through vent system with under-visor intake and neck outlet. The GT visor is removable for use with face shields as needed.

PERFORMANCE: We’ve never worn a helmet that’s so comfortable, and the Platinum-R even has slits in the liner for use with sunglasses or eyeglasses. Actually, the liner is built in three pieces like a full-faced MX helmet, with a vented center section and L-shaped ear pods. There are also comfort liners for the D-ring security system, which has comfortable nylon webbing and a safety-stop. Venting is so good that you’ll feel the cooling effect at low UTV 4×4 speeds. The front vent has two inlets that can be fully closed, half closed or fully opened. Channels direct air over the head to the two rear  two-position vents. You can open it fully for summer cooling or close them off in winter to retain heat. The shell also has a rear spoiler to reduce buffeting at speed, and indentations on the sides for goggle straps.

THE VERDICT: Not only is the Platinum-R Shoei super-comfortable and functional, it has a full five-year warranty. The AIM+ construction is light yet tough, and the RJ-R comes in wine red, black, white, silky white, light silver, matt black, matt gray and metallic pearl gray. It even has a three-snap visor and two side snaps for adding aftermarket face shields for winter use or keeping the bugs out of your teeth in spring and summer. The best part, though, is the removable and washable comfort liner; nothing is worse than putting on a moldy, sweat-soaked, stinky helmet. The RJ Platinum-R is so well-vented and easy to wash that nobody should suffer from BO (brainbucket odor) ever again. We won’t strap in without one.

PRICE: $247.99 MSRP for sizes XS-XXL (6 5/8-8).
CONTACT: Shoei Helmet Corporation, (714) 730-0941,

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