Dear Sarge,

We have a 2009 Yamaha Rhino 450 that we purchased used this past fall to use primarily as transportation to our hunting camp. At the time we thought it was a great buy. The previous owner had installed a windshield, doors and a back window. But last fall on the 1st trip up to the camp, we were shocked at the cab noise level. The interior noise was so great we ended up using our shooting ear plugs to cut the din! Sarge, do you have some suggestions on silencing cab noise?

Larry and David Spokane

McCall, Idaho

Pivate Spoke, usually I get questions about exhaust noise but I can help you too. In case you want to silence the exhaust note, consider the Silent Rider muffler add-on here: That cuts the popping of the single cylinder motor. Your cab interior noise is mostly from either harmonics , reflection of sound off the windshields and doors or the intake honk, which was considerable on all Yamaha Rhino models. Requisition a length of 2-1/2”ID flex hose and reroute the intake to up under the front hood to reduce intake honk. To cut reflected sound, install ¼” adhesive backed foam sheet to the underside of the roof and the cab side of the box. Typical product is here: The plastic engine cover can be covered on the underside with Dynamat foil lined heat resistant sound deadening here: Finally harmonics are cured by finding any vibrating or buzzing component and either tighten the offending part or rubber mount it to create a vibration barrier. Now that you can hear me again you can count off 50, each! Dismissed!

See UTV Action’s report on the Yamaha Rhino here: LIFE & TIMES OF THE YAMAHA RHINO – UTV Action Magazine

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