A brand-new helmet company strictly catering to the UTV market. From open-face and moto to full and modular designs, Solid Helmets has your head covered. Goggles are also available for the Moto and Rally versions. All helmets are lightweight and reasonably priced, starting at $99 for the open-face Rally and going up to the most affordable carbon fiber helmet that we’ve seen at $399.99.

The $169.99 modular helmet has a drop-down secondary shield inside the helmet to help block that direct sun you get early in the morning and late in the day. Both helmets we tried also accept glasses well.


Each helmet has its own styling and different venting. The full-face helmet offerings have Class 1, optically correct, anti-fog, scratch-resistant shields. The standard (S42) full-face and (S54) modular designs have an additional drop-down tinted shield as well. Sizes range from 53-54cm (XS) to 63-64cm (XXL) for adults and kids. About half a dozen solid colors are available, and most of them come in a matte finish. Every helmet is DOT- and ECE-approved.

The S1 is by far the coolest-looking helmet in the lineup and one of the most affordable carbon fiber helmets we’ve seen at $399.99.


We were able to try out the $399.99 carbon fiber S1 helmet on multiple rides recently. At 3 pounds, 6 ounces, it doesn’t feel as light as we expected, but it does weigh a few ounces less than the DOT-approved Bell Qualifier we had been wearing. The comfort level is high, and the venting and shield can be operated easily with gloves on. The aerodynamics seem to be perfect. There’s no buffeting or pull at high speeds; however, if the shield is up, the wind creates a whistle above 30 mph  that we don’t hear with other helmets.

The other helmet we tried was the S54 modular full-face. A modular helmet is one where the chin bar opens and rotates up out of the way. This style of helmet is great in a UTV, as we do tend to stop a lot on the side of the trail and hang out with others in our riding group. You can do that with this helmet and just leave the helmet on all day, even to eat.

The helmet weighs just 3 pounds, 9 ounces. We can’t remember trying a modular helmet this light—ever—and it doesn’t lack features. This helmet still has venting at the chin bar and at the top of the head. Additionally, this helmet has a drop-down secondary shield that is tinted dark so you don’t have to rely on fitting your sunglasses inside your helmet when you ride.

Price-wise, the two helmets are more affordable than many others that we have tried and just as comfortable. As for looks, they look as cool as a top-of-the-line race helmet—maybe cooler. Any time we can look good, be protected and not spend too much, we are happy. With six styles of new helmets from the Solid brand, we think you will be happy, too.


RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $399.99 and $169.99

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