Four new special edition Honda UTVs join the Talon and Pioneer lineup for 2021: the Talon 1000R SE, Talon 1000X-4 SE, Pioneer 1000 SE and the Pioneer 1000-5 SE. These flagship trim levels add value by saving money on accessories and improving comfort and convenience. Owners will also stand out from the crowd, thanks to exclusive Viper Urban Camo graphics, made possible through a special collaboration with TrueTimber.

special edition Honda UTVs
Many dealers accessorize UTVs so customers can finance the accessories, too. Honda cuts out the middleman with the all-new special edition Honda UTVs. The Talon 1000R Special Edition adds common accessories to the Live Valve Edition.

“As well as Honda’s Talon and Pioneer 1000 perform, there are some drivers who demand even more, and they typically pursue that edge through accessories,” says Brandon Wilson, Manager of Advertising, Sports and Experiential at American Honda. “We’re pleased to help those customers extend their adventures while also saving money and time. The special edition Honda UTVs are versions of our flagship side-by-sides are already outfitted with components that previously could only be added after the initial purchase. The icing on the cake is the striking Viper Urban Camo graphics, which ensure these Special Editions look the part.”

special edition Honda UTVs
Both Talon Special Editions have a front bumper housing a Warn VRX45 winch with remote, a vented windscreen, LED light bar, lower door panels and a rear-view mirror.

2021 TALON 1000R SE AND 1000X-4 SE

Both the two- and four-seat Talon SEs are based on the Live Valve Editions, which come with Fox Podium 2.5 piggyback shocks with electronically controlled Live Valve adjusters that are constantly adjusted by a Bosch ECU to flatten the ride during acceleration, braking and cornering. Drivers can also adjust ride quality with a toggle switch with Normal and Sport settings, and spring rates are softer than on the Fox QS3-equipped models. Also, Live Valve SEs retain the Launch mode feature on the dual-clutch transmission, which has low and high ranges for the six-speed paddle shifter.

The Talon 1000R SE gives a third color choice. Joining the white and red base model and the Metallic Gray Live Valve, the Viper Urban Camo by TrueTimber highlights the blacked-out bodywork and wheels.

Talon 1000Rs are 68.4 inches wide with 17.7 inches of front travel and 20.1 inches of rear travel via three-link trailing arms. Talon 1000X-4s are 64 inches wide with 14.4 inches of front and 15.0 inches of rear travel. Both Special Edition Talons come wrapped in Honda’s exclusive Viper Urban Camo by TrueTimber; upgrades include a front bumper with headlight guards, winch kit, vented windscreen, full-length LED light-bar assembly, rear-view mirror and door lowers, adding real value and convenience to already-capable and impressive machines.

special edition Honda UTVs
The Special Edition Pioneer 1000s get Honda’s accessory Warn VRX45 winch with steel rope and 14-inch LED light bar to upgrade the Limited front bumper. The SE also gets Honda’s accessory split windscreen that pivots out to let in more air on warmer days, plus the poly roof.

The base 2021 Talon 1000R is $20,999. The Live Valve is $23,099, and the Special Edition is $26,099. The standard Talon 1000X-4 is $21,999. The Live Valve is $23,999, and the new Special Edition is $26,999.

Both Pioneer SEs are 68.4 inches wide due to the front fender flares, while the other six are 63 inches wide. We totaled what the 1000 SE accessories would cost and came to $2,517.60 (plus installation), so the camo wrap is $482.40.

PIONEER 1000 SE AND 1000-5 SE

Honda’s Pioneer 1000 and 1000-5 Special Editions expand the three- and-five-seat recreation-utility model line to four, joining the base, Deluxe and Limited Editions.

All Pioneer 1000-5s have a tilt bed that is disabled when either or both of the recessed rear seats are in the upright position. Only the SE gets the poly roof, fender flares and Viper Urban Camo wrap.

Pioneer 1000 models have basically the same 999cc inline-twin engines with Unicam eight-valve heads and DCT dual-range transmissions as Talons, except that Talons have upper ends based on Africa Twin adventure bikes. They even have the same compression, but Talons have 46mm throttle bodies, while Pioneers have 44mm EFI bodies. All Pioneers have Fox Podium QS3 shocks and dual-A-arm suspension on all four corners; front travel is 10.6 inches, while rear is 10.0 inches.

2021 Honda Talon 1000R SE

Special Edition Pioneers upgrade the Limited’s front bumper with a 14-inch LED light bar, plus SEs have a Warn VRX45 4,500-pound winch with mounting kit, plastic roof, front fender flares, two-piece windscreen, and rear-view mirror. Based on Limited Editions, SEs also feature Honda’s i-4WD with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (also found on Talons), hill-start assist, an aluminum skid plate and A-arm protection, and 14-inch aluminum wheels, although the LE wheels are two-tone and the SE rims are blacked out to match the bodywork.

All Pioneers come with 27-inch Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires; base and Deluxe models have 12-inch rims, while LE and SE models have 14-inch aluminum wheels. The base Pioneer 1000 is $15,899. The Deluxe is $16,899. The Limited is $18,999, and the SE is $21,999. The Pioneer 1000-5 MSRP is $17,299, 1000-5 Deluxes are $18,299, Limiteds are $20,999, and Special Editions are $23,999.

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