Is the most anticipated UTV of all time in production?

 Like you we have been anxiously awaiting the release of Robby Gordon’s Speed UTV. Co owner of Speed UTV Todd Romano told us we can drive the first one off the assembly line. We will be waiting for his phone call any day. 

   According to this latest video, that date is near. Here a few key take aways from the latest live video Todd and Robby made while in California recently in between dealer visits. These are big claims and we are excited to see if they come to fruition. 



The engine assembly line is built-2:18 

Production has started-17:14

Primary clutch will have a huge cooling fan-10:05

Internal engine components are race quality-11:55

Engine has dual harmonic balancers-12:55

Speed engine will have more toque than a Polaris RZR Pro R-14:29

Speed engine will have more power than a Polaris RZR Pro R-14:30


Robby claims “with the same boost, the Speed engine will produce the horsepower as the Pro R” As you know the Pro R is not boosted or turbo charged like the Speed UTV will be. He may have just got his words twisted. The guy sure has a lot on his mind and we can’t wait to see what the end result is regardless.


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