sPOD RZR PRO XP, Turbo R, Pro R Steering Wheel Switch

Power electronic accessories and lights like these Baja Designs pods with the ease of sPOD.

Are you looking for a clean and simple accessory wiring solution for your RZR ProXP, Turbo R or Pro R? The sPOD ($794.95) SourceLT Mini 6 Steering Wheel Mount Kit offers it without using up valuable dash, or stock switch panel real estate. This product allows you to conveniently control regularly used accessories right in front of you.

sPod RZR Pro XP

Key Features of the sPOD SourceLT Mini 6 Steering Wheel Kit:


  • Competitive $749.99 price
  • Control up to 6 accessories with ease
  • 100 amps of total power management capacity.
  • Seamless integration with Polaris RZR steering wheel.
  • Bluetooth control, flash, dim, strobe, momentary
  • Coiled cable design for unrestricted wheel movement.
  • Simplified installation with no relays or circuit fuses.
  • Integrated low-voltage cutoff battery protection.
  • 12-position terminal block for enhanced connectivity.
  • Direct integration for the Polaris RZR Pro XP, Turbo R, and Pro R models







Imagine this, needing to turn off an intercom or helmet blower, to talk to someone outside the RZR. How about needing to dim lights coming into camp or driving toward on coming trail traffic, you can do it without searching the dash for the correct switch. You can also set up a monetary button for something like a horn or to turn off that annoying rear chase light when it’s not needed. Lastly, through the app, you can set up dim, momentary or flash functions for all your accent lighting that is controlled by your sPOD.


Yes, you can control these functions remotely as well. We imagine, you can see battery health as well as see if accessories are draining the vehicles battery too. Our complete review of the product slated for the near future will confirm this.

Do you own a base model RZR PRO XP or using an aftermarket steering wheel and want this functionality? The sPOD HD BantamX Roof Mount Kit ($929.95), will fit the bill.

Other brand UTV owners are not left out either. They can choose from the BantamX HD Universal ($915), 8 circuit system or the SourceLT Mini6 Universal ($580) unit and control any vehicle with the ease and functionality referred to above.

Or, do you like using toggle switches and are still looking for a power distribution center and new switch panel? The BantamX Modular Universal ($895) kit will give you that.


For universal systems, you can mount the controllers on the dash, A-Pillar or visor and have the ability to control important circuits quickly. In all systems, each circuit can be as large as 30 amps with a total controller output of 100 amps. The universal kits come with 84-inches of battery cable, a 10-foot Ethernet cable and mounting brackets. The RZR specific kits come with all the correct wiring cut to length.

Purchase buy listing the on-line store at www.4x4spod.com or call them with any questions at (661) 775-7799. 


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