Stan’s NoTubes, the company that set the cycling industry standard for making mountain bike tires tubeless nearly two decades ago, is introducing its popular, proven tire sealant into the tubeless, off-road outdoor equipment market. Stan’s Tire Sealant effectively prevents and repairs a wide range of pneumatic tire issues such as punctures up to 1/2”, bead leaks, cuts, and weather checking. With a lower viscosity than the majority of sealant offerings, the product “splashes” inside  a tire after application and coats it as the wheel rotates, enabling a much greater chance of “repair” to bead, rim, and sidewall leaks. This sealant instantly seals punctures in treads and sidewalls through a unique healing process that rushes crystals to the puncture site and seals the hole before air pressure is lost. Made in the USA, Stan’s Tire Sealant is available in one-pint (MSRP $17) and one-quart (MSRP $28) sizes. Dealer and distributor pricing are also available. Since tires in the outdoor equipment industry are inflated via schrader valves, Stan’s has also developed a schrader valve core removal tool with internal storage for spare valve cores as well as a special applicator for injecting sealant into tires through schrader valves. For more information or to order, visit

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