The SuperATV cargo box/cooler is a 30-liter insulated container with a sealed lid that can serve as a storage box or cooler. The lid has a sturdy hinge that keeps it from coming loose and getting lost like separate lids can. The box is secured to the vehicle by thumb screws that thread into the box through brackets that bolt to the floor of the cargo bed, so there’s no need to strap it in place and undo straps when you want to open it.

We tested the box for the Can-Am Sport and Can-Am Sport Max. It’s $249.95, which is in the same price range as some high-end coolers. SuperATV has similar cargo box/coolers for most popular UTVs. Can-Am’s LinQ cooler uses the convenient LinQ attachment system, but it’s much smaller at 16 liters and more expensive at $304.99. You also need the LinQ cargo base kit ($19.99) to attach the Can-Am cooler to the machine.

SuperATV’s cargo box/cooler is secured to the vehicle by eight thumb screws that thread into the box through brackets that bolt to the floor of the cargo bed, so there’s no need to strap it in place and undo straps when you want to open it.


The brackets for the cargo box/cooler bolt to four existing mount points in the cargo-box floor on the Can-Am Sport using bolts supplied with the box. Four thumb screws pass through the brackets on each side and thread into metal inserts in the box. No instructions come with the box, but SuperATV has an installation video that points out the driver’s side bracket, the one with the larger flat mounting base, the passenger side bracket and the mount holes the brackets use. If your Can-Am has seen much use, plan to clean out the threaded mount holes in the cargo-box floor, because they’ll be filled with dirt or rusted. We also found leaving the bracket bolts loose made installing the thumb screws easier.


Can-Am’s Maverick Sport and Sport Max have more storage than many sport UTVs, but extra storage is always welcome. The SuperATV cargo box/cooler provides a convenient home for bulky jackets, tools and other essentials, making the compartments in the cab available for phones and snacks. The sealed lid keeps stored items dry in wet conditions.

The SuperATV box also works very well as a cooler. With about 3 inches of insulation, it keeps drinks and food cold, despite the heat that reaches the cargo bed on the rear-engine Can-Am. The box has a drain at the bottom to get rid of water and spilled liquid.

Taking the box off the vehicle and putting it back on goes quickly with the thumb screws, but we would have appreciated handles on the box. The lid has cup holders, which is a nice touch. We thought the four 6mm bracket bolts and eight thumb screws would need to be re-tightened after dealing with the cooler’s weight after bumpy rides, but all the fasteners stayed snug. We’d hit them with removable Loctite for really long rides for peace of mind. The bracket idea sure beats strapping a cooler down and removing the straps every time you want something from the cooler.   


SuperATV’s cargo box/cooler provides lots of easily accessible weatherproof storage and is also a very effective cooler. Its styling blends with the UTV, which may make it less tempting to thieves than an expensive cooler.


RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $249.99

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