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King of the Hammers is not only the biggest rock race in the country, it’s one of the biggest UTV races. People from all over the country head west and spend about a week in the desert surrounding the Johnson Valley of Southern California to get in on the action. KOH is one of those races where an everyday guy can add a few safety items to his UTV and line up with the best in the sport, such as Phil Blurton, Johnny Greaves or RJ Anderson. Hubert Rowland’s Superatv KOH Can-AM X3 is that kind of machine. Hundreds of competitors do just that by signing up at

Superatv KOH Can-Am X3
Known as “everyone’s favorite ‘RedNek,” Hubert Rowland has been part of Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus for years. He is now making his own mark on the UTV industry by being a brand ambassador for Can-Am and guiding rides all over the country. See the schedule at @nitrorednekhubert


One such guy, Hubert Rowland, has made the trek all the way out to California from Tennessee to take on the best in the sport for the past few years. His 2020 Can-Am Maverick X3 X rc Turbo RR is equipped with the same SuperATV components you can add to your car and do the event. Hubert lives by the philosophy that the more protected the machine is, the better it will be. So, to start his latest build, he called on No Limit RD to build him a cage protecting him and his winch man (@waterbury444). The spare-tire carrier and tie-rods are also from No Limit. This was a wise choice, since No Limit’s owner Phil Blurton is always a top competitor in events like this and the Vegas 2 Reno desert race.

Superatv KOH Can-Am X3
No Limit R&D took care of the roll cage, while Sector Seven supplied the lighted side mirrors. The top light bar is from Infinite Off-Road. He used stock seats in last year’s KOH.


As for the car, Hubert went with SuperATV’s heavy-duty boxed A-arms, full skid plates, Rhino axles, sway bar links, a frame stiffener kit and shock tower brace up front. Tying those pieces to the frame, Hubert used the stock Fox shocks outfitted with Eibach springs.

Superatv KOH Can-Am X3
The area that needs the most protection on any X3 are the A-arms. Hubert ditched the stock ones and installed SuperATV’s boxed upper and lower arms and Rhino 2.0 axles. The steering rack is braced up by Hess.


Superatv KOH Can-Am X3
SuperATV trailing arms are under $700 and can stretch a 64-inch-wide car to 72 inches. Eibach springs get better shock action out of the stock Fox shocks. How about the painted Pac Man Fuel wheel for a custom look?


To keep within the rules, Rowland added a little material to the stock front bumper. He also relied on a Can-Am front skid plate and winch equipped with a Factor 55 winch hook. In the rear, Crash Addicts supplied the radius rods and SuperATV provided trailing arms. He used Hess weld-in radius rod certs, the clutch seal guard, a pair of rear knuckles and their super-tough steering rack support brace. The wheel connected to all of this is from Dragonfire Racing.

The SuperATV rear bumper adds an anchor point for the radius-rod plate. Those super-beefy rods are from Crash Addict Industries.


The list of SuperATV products didn’t stop at protection. Inside the car, the doors, door bags and shifter plate were all from the title sponsor. Hubert and his navigator sit on stock X3 seats and are secured with Crow harnesses. They rely on Rugged Radios for communication.

King of the Hammers is a mix of desert and rock racing. Choosing the right tire to survive the desert while still gripping the rocks is important.


Hubert has run KOH several times now, but for this build he switched things up and installed Yokohama’s new 33-inch UTV tire mounted on a set of Fuel wheels. Along with the new orange Graphics Effects wrap, the wheels have a Pac-Man look to them. Rowland finished the 2021 race in 41st out of 115 entries. He tells us he met his goal of finishing before 5 p.m. (dark). He had zero failures, flat tires or rollovers. A bad line choice was his only setback. For many racers like Hubert, finishing and improving on the results of the previous year is what they strive for. Hopefully, Hubert and his grass roots budget will be back to break the top 40, and we will be there to cheer him on. 



2020 Maverick X3 X rc Turbo RR: $29,599

Off-Road Screw Jack: $N/A


(740) 350-3515,

Frame weld-in gusset kit: $250

CROW: (725) 726-7432,

5-point harnesses: $140.96 each


Molle Trauma 2.0 kit: $150

DRAGONFIRE RACING: (800) 708-9803,

Sport UTV steering wheel: $89.99

DYNOJET: (800) 992-4993,

UTV clutch kit: $499.99

EIBACH: (800) 507-2338,

Pro-UTV Stage 3 springs: $777.78


(208) 639-1674,

UltraHook XTV: $210

FOX: (831) 274-6500,

Race internal shock upgrade kit: N/A

GRAPHIC EFFECTS: (615) 896-4301,

Custom wrap w/ Ultrra Camo NA


(855) 743-3427,

X3 high-clearance boxed front A-arms: $899.95 (Super Duty 300M ball joints included)

X3 shock tower brace: $299.95

72” rear trailing arms: $699.95

X3 sway bar links: $134.95

HD Rhino 2.0 front axles: $229.95 each

HD rear axles—X300: $499.95 each

X3 full skid plate: $624.95

X3 quick shifter gate: $99.95

X3 aluminum doors: $599.95

X3 door bags: $119.95

X3 front frame stiffener kit: $149.95

HESS MOTORSPORTS: (940) 759-4597,

X3 steering rack support: $480

X3 rear knuckle: $700 each

X3 clutch seal guard: $50

Weld-in radius rod certs: $175


Emergency triangle light: $4.99

INFINITE OFFROAD: (817) 881-2168,

40” compact high output single-row light bar: $195

Shadow Reaper 4pc rock light kit: $140

Shadow Reaper interior light: $40


(916) 824-2600,

X3 2-seat race cage: $2,500

X3 spare tire carrier: $600

X3 HD tie-rod kit: $265

Number plates: $275


(888) 541-7223,

RRP696 Intercom & radio kit: $1,508

M3 two-person pumper kit (variable speed controller & hoses included): $486


(866) 466-4762,

Spectrum lighted mirrors: $799.95

Accessory mount: $99.95


(480) 257-3838,

Can-Am dual battery kit: $695

Full Throttle batteries: $179.95 each

See the 200 horsepower 2022 X3 here: 2022 CAN-AM X3 RS TURBO RR/X3 XRS TURBO RR/SMART-SHOX – UTV Action Magazine

NITRO REDNEK:, @nitrorednekhubert

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