SuperATV Portal blood is a gear oil that is designed specifically for GDP Portals, but will work on other portals too! It lasts longer than other oil so you can ride 4 times longer without changing it. The creators of GDP portals designed this oil specifically so it is not like the generic oil you grab from the auto parts store. The ultra low friction formula prevents wear and lowers operating temperatures. Portal Blood conditions the seals so they do not shrink, harden, or crack and also inhibits oxidation, rust, and corrosion so your gears last longer. One bottle fills four portals. Its super-high viscosity formula keeps your gears coated. Plusm it contains additive that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s from the same guys that make your GDP Portal Gear Lift. It’s expert-made oil for expert-made portals but it even works on other portals, too. Get your gear oil from the people that made your portals to begin with and know how to make them even better. The 32 oz. Bottle is $24.95 from SuperATV,

Portal Blood will:

  • Last 4X longer than other oil because it’s made with highly refined, superior grade base oil for long-lasting lubrication
  • Condition seals so they don’t shrink, harden, or crack
  • Inhibit rust, corrosion, and oxidation so that your gears last longer
  • Stick to your gears even when your machine isn’t running which reduces dry start wear
  • Demulsify water to keep it separate from oil and doesn’t allow it to cling to any surface
  • Lower operating temps and reduce seal pressure
  • Cushion impact from heavy loads to minimize wear and reduce vibration and chatter

See how portals work on a UTV customized for extreme mud riding here:

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