Honda’s Talon has great traction with its 28×15-inch Maxxis tires, but the ride quality isn’t so great. Going to larger tires helped both ride quality and traction. With OEM tires growing to 30 inches on XP Pros and X3 Turbo RRs and 31 inches on the Teryx KRX, the aftermarket has gone to 33s and 35s. We got a chance to test the new System 3 RT320 in 35×9.5R15s on SB-4 beadlock wheels. The “RT” stands for “Race and Trail.”

The Talon 1000R had no trouble turning the 35-inch RT320, and System 3 has the Talon rear-wheel offset handled with the 4+3 SB-4.


The RT320 is a non-directional race-ready tire with an 8-ply radial carcass and DOT approval. The tread is designed to grip loose soil and give a smooth, quiet ride on hard surfaces. It comes in five sizes: 28x10R14, 30x10R14, 32x10R15, 33×9.5R15 and 35×9.5R15. The 35×9.5R15 weighs 43 pounds and has a load rating of 1,020 pounds. The SB-4 beadlock wheel combines the style of the ST-3 wheel with the performance of a beadlock wheel. It comes in Bronze or Matte Black. The 4+3 SB-4 is perfect for maintaining the Talon rear-track width.


The RT320 eight-ply radial is made from a high-mileage rubber compound. The SB-4 has billet-aluminum construction and a billet 10mm beadlock ring. The beadlock uses 5/16-inch Grade-8 bolts, and the SB-4 has a 1,200-pound load rating. It comes in 14×7, 14×10, 15×7 and 15×10 sizes in all popular lug patterns. It has a bolt-in plastic center cap.


UTV enthusiasts who want a bigger tire with better traction and ride quality on a durable, good-looking wheel at a great price.


We went to the hills and desert around El Mirage Dry Lake to test the new System 3 RT320 tire and SB-4 wheel. First, we hit the desert and rocks with 19 psi of pressure. The 35×9.5R15s delivered a great, smooth ride—a much smoother ride than the Talon 1000R 28-inch tires. The 35s rolled over everything effortlessly and delivered great acceleration and braking traction in desert sand. Steering and slides were very predictable, but dune sand traction wasn’t that great. So, we aired down to 12 psi and hit the dunes and desert again. Traction in all conditions improved. On a side note, the Talon 1000R ripped with the 7-inch-taller tires.


System 3 has gone to the next level with the 35×9.5R15 RT320, and the ride quality and traction are excellent in a wide variety of conditions. The 35-inch RT320 retails for $271, but we found it online for $227–$250. The SB-4 beadlock is a great-looking, tough wheel at a great price. The price range is $150 to $165, but we found it online for $125 to $144. Both offer a lot of performance at a low price.


RATING: ★★★★

PRICE: $271; SB-4, $150

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